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Offering Recordings Offering Recordings
7,462 · 9 · BE
Deep House
Latest release 1 week ago
Offering Recording's mission is to provide a platform for future soul music. We dedicate ourselves to quality and refined artistic expression, while providing a foundation that conveys unity through music. With every release we hope to come closer to bridging the gap between entertainment and positivity.
Grace Records Grace Records
65 · 8 · BE
Big Room, Progressive House
Latest release 1 week ago
Grace Records is a record label based in Belgium. We carefully listen to all our demo’s and send feedback. We are currently looking for talented producers, in all EDM genre’s.
Ghost Recordz International Ghost Recordz Internat...
4 · BE
House, Electronica
Latest release 8 months ago
Ghost Recordz International Uninc. is a European independent record label since 2019 with an unincorporated structure and a non-profit vision. Our record label is known for collaborations with Epic Games, AZ Rivierenland, SuperJump and One.com, and is part of one of the biggest demo drop platforms: VIRPP. Over the years, Ghost Recordz has grown strongly internationally, with nowadays website visitors from more than 40 countries.
Pron Records Pron Records
83 · 10 · BE
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 1 year ago
Pron Records is a label based out of Antwerp Belgium and is headed by long time veteran of the Belgian techno community, Jerry May. With 15 years of experience in the industry Jerry May’s focus is on high quality electronic music for dance floors. At Pron, the mission is to provide the global dance music community with a consistent place for artists to release exceptional tracks in the genres of Techno, House (Deep and otherwise), Tech-House a...
Ten Myles Records Ten Myles Records
4,857 · 9 · BE
House, Tech House
Latest release 1 year ago
B-Johnsonss Belgium B-Johnsonss Belgium
8 · BE
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 1 year ago
InterdepenDANCE InterdepenDANCE
164 · 6 · BE
Electronica, Deep House
Latest release 1 year ago
InterdepenDANCE – when music, vocals and cover arts bring together an intertwined message. Brussels based record label of electronic music at the crossroads between Electronica, Indie Dance, Deep House, Trip Hop and Techno.
Suntrip Records Suntrip Records
15,304 · 5 · BE
Latest release 2 weeks ago
Anoebis is an old school goa-trance, acid-trance, forest trance and ambient addicted dj, playing this kind of music as much as possible for people that love to dance hard and float around! :) Besides that I and Mars are also the managers of Suntrip Records! A label concentrating on "old school" goa trance, made today.
Lenske Lenske
16,846 · 15 · BE
Latest release 1 month ago
Amelie Lens (BE) records label. Based in Antwerp, Belgium.
Atmosphere Records Atmosphere Records
13,407 · 18 · BE
Tech House, Minimal
Latest release 1 month ago
Belgian record label, artist management, booking agency and party promoter.
R&S Records R&S Records
81,285 · 114 · BE
Latest release 3 months ago
R&S Records is an independent record label. Founded in 1984 in Ghent, Belgium.
Shomi Shomi
1,171 · 6 · BE
Latest release 1 month ago
The vibe was alive. The crowd was pleased. The party was on. Shomi will always preach the love of house in Antwerp. Welcome to a new and crazy season of SHOMI. Welcome to La Rocca. Your dose of house & hapinness.
Klangwerk Records Klangwerk Records
1,604 · 9 · BE
Tech House
Latest release 2 months ago
Klangwerk is a record label that focuses on what is important; investing in the music and talented artists that create it. We believe in creating a collaborative and innovative environment where our artists can reach their maximum potential in a stress free atmosphere. Our vision is defined by the word one. We are one team, with one vision, and one goal. We work together as one collective unit. The Klangwerk movement evolved through a collabor...
Deep & Groove Records Deep & Groove Records
68 · 5 · BE
Deep House, House
Latest release 1 month ago
Deep And Groove Records was founded to help young DJs from belgium and elsewhere to release their edm title on all digital platforms as well as CDs in small quantities. With more than 30 years of experience in music, we finally decided to set up this project.
Pelican Fly Pelican Fly
26,465 · 23 · BE
Latest release 3 months ago
Pelican Fly is an independent record label based in Brussels, Belgium. The label is run by Dj Slow and Richelle alongside fellow founding members Mister Tweeks, Bamboologie, BBO and Guy from the station. The aim of the label is to release and promote the music we love. Whether it’s car and club bangers or more intimate pieces of music, it’s all about the fountain of vibes.
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