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Wonders Recordings was created in January 2018 by Coleman Hamilton & Jacob Murphy. Electronic Music / Hip-Hop / Pop / Country. Zero contracts. This means if you find a better deal, your music will be pulled for you to release anywhere else. Promotion… some, but the artist will have to do the main promotion. Why Wonders? You take 80% cut, the other 20% is used for keeping the label running, promotion, etc. Wonders doesn’t BS the artist… you will get detailed reports on your earnings. If something isn’t right, let Coleman know; he will take care of it. Use templates…? Stop now, you’re wasting your time, and my time. Wonders looks for creativity, originality, the next big thing. Join up… no commitment. Just your music Worldwide.
Latest release
"Two Hours (Splat) / Slurpee" 11 months ago
Electro House, Hip-Hop, Dance, Trance
Charlotte, United States
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