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United Kingdom. 2019 – present
Mechanikal is a newly formed techno label from the brains of acclaimed techno maestros MiSinki and Alias AKA.

Already making waves with only its first release, Mechanikal’s mantra is simple;

“Deliver, real, solid and unshakable techno music to its audience, whilst delivering real, solid and unshakable support to its artists”

In a world full of creativity, the most important weapons in your bag are your professionalism and integrity. That’s why the minds behind Mechanikal treat the signing of each artist with as much importance as the release of each release. Respect goes both ways.

If you’re sitting on a demo, we wanna hear it! but please remember to send it the easy way so we can get back to you as soon as we can.

Send Soundcloud links with DOWNLOAD ENABLED to

Look forward to getting Mechanikal with you!
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