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James Flavour

James Flavour

30 releases on 8 labels.
Label Joined Releases
Chilli Mint Music Chilli Mint Music
Deep House
The Exquisite Pain Recordings The Exquisite Pain Recordings
Deep House
2011-10-17 1
Dirt Crew Recordings Dirt Crew Recordings
26.9K 59.3K
Deep House
2005-10-18 9
Suol Suol
35.1K 52.7K
Deep House
2014-08-01 3
Moodmusic Moodmusic
13.9K 70.4K
Deep House
2005-10-11 10
Young Society Records Young Society Records
2.2K 890
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
2012-07-27 3
Society 3.0 Society 3.0
3.7K 1.2K
Tech House, Deep House
2011-02-25 3
Cr2 Records Cr2 Records
155.5K 82.8K
2010-10-08 1