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Free Music Recordings Free Music Recordings
20,910 · 14 · SE
House, Tech House
Latest release 52 years ago
Label of Swedish DJ/Producer : @MikaelWeermets We are championing the big room house sound where vibe, melody and vocals are key. We want to make you dance. Music FIRST. #WeAreFree / #WeAreFMR @FreeMusicRecordingsLTD @FreeMusicRecordingsDeep DEMO SUBMISSION : music@freemusicrecordings.com ademir@freemusicrecordings.com LICENSING : licensing@freemusicrecordings.com
ZilDeep Records ZilDeep Records
18,430 · 10 · AR
Deep House, Tech House
Latest release 52 years ago
Follow us on Spotify: http://go.zildeep.com Demo submission: http://ZilDeep.com https://www.submithub.com/label/zildeep ZilDeep Management: http://zildeep.com | contact@zildeep.com ZilDeep Divisions: - https://soundcloud.com/zildeepmgmt - https://soundcloud.com/zildeepmusic - https://soundcloud.com/zildeepcollective - https://soundcloud.com/ignitionnetwork - https://soundcloud.com/weunite - https://soundcloud.com/hawditch - htt...
DubSynth Records DubSynth Records
95 · 6 · AT
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 52 years ago
DubSynth Records is an independent label producing techno beats since 1998
Smokey Loops Smokey Loops
406 · 5 · IT
Tech House, Deep House
Latest release 52 years ago
Smokey Loops brings you 100% Royalty-Free sample libraries and presets for the most popular VSTi's. This label focuses on providing you with hard-hitting sounds in a myriad of genres, including Trap, EDM, House. You can be sure that all sounds heard within their releases are in-your-face, super high quality and hugely inspirational. Whether you're looking for club-ready vocal shouts, raucous Trap leads or monstrous EDM drops, Smokey Loops endeavo...
Safezone Records Safezone Records
482 · 5 · DE
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 52 years ago
Safezone Records supports established DJ's / producer as well as newcomers in the Techno/Tech House scene.
TECH MX Station TECH MX Station
7 · 4 · MX
Tech House, Techno
Latest release 52 years ago
We are dedicated to Tech House and Techno Label, Founded by Baby Al Dj/Producer of Tech House.
4 · CO
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 52 years ago
Digital records based in Bogotá
Unroll Ghost Label Unroll Ghost Label
127 · 4 · SI
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 52 years ago
Now you can release tracks under your artist name. If you like what you hear just click ''BUY'' and you will receive all files from the track including license contract! Get signed by labels, receive feedback from artists and most important ger more gigs! We had our tracks released on labels like: Earbugmusic, Trebaltek, Bedroom Records, Traumarchiv,Carypla Records,Eichtal Recordings... Our Ghost Artists have Support From Some Of The Be...
X Ment Era Records X Ment Era Records
5 · 3 · ES
Tech House, Deep House
Latest release 52 years ago
X Ment Era Records was born with a unique dim . To build a new platform for new artists .
Mode Records (UK) Mode Records (UK)
24 · 3 · UK
Tech House, Deep House
Latest release 52 years ago
Mode Records is an english Tech - House & Deep House label based in Brighton . Founded in 2017 Artist's Kynts Saladin W.H.A.T.A.M.I Sebastian Rodriguez
Undercon Records Undercon Records
14 · 3 · MX
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 52 years ago
Undercon Records, record label created to support talents and open new paths of the industry, undercon a record label created by Carlos Alarcon "heracon" in order to open borders in the industry and become one of the best record labels and largest distributor of electronic music , undercon is a label created in 2018 in xalapa veracruz, mexico,
Helnorth Records Helnorth Records
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 1 day from now
Our aim is to release quality modern dance music on a broad spectrum. Main focus is on house, techno, tech-house and deep house, but we are open to all good music!
Realta Records Realta Records
Minimal, Tech House
Latest release 1 month ago
Realta Records is a label created for Minimal sounds Minimal / Minimal House / Minimal Techno / High Tech Minimal
Utopic Astronaut Utopic Astronaut
Tech House, House
Latest release 2 months ago
Toxic Astronaut sub-label focused on Tech House players!
Technoblazer Technoblazer
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 6 days ago
Official Label of Technoblazer
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