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Rehegoo Music Group Rehegoo Music Group
20 · US
Techno, Rock
Latest release 7 months ago
Rehegoo was founded in 2014 by an Italian entrepreneur named Marco Rinaldo. Rehegoo's main goal is to allow all artists to be heard.
Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH Sony Music Entertainme...
74 · DE
Pop, Rock
Latest release 1 year ago
Germany Department of Sony Music Entertainment.
FallDam Recordings FallDam Recordings
9 · NL
Rock, Indie Rock
Latest release 6 months ago
The Imass Music Group is a multigenre record label releasing in all formats, featuring Electro House,Progressive House, Electronica, Deep-House, Dubstep, Glitch-hop, Pop, Rock, Indie and World Music. We deliver a platform for starter musicians of all forms with music that has been created from start to finish by artists that are passionate about what they do. IMass Music FallDam Recordings Play Me Loud Decerno Music Entertainment
October Tone October Tone
1,541 · 3 · FR
Rock, Indie Rock
Latest release 9 months ago
October Tone is the combined expression of 2 entities : a Label, a Festival. Against the routine of the music industry, we are united by the desire to create great and beautiful projects that we share with an ever more curious and demanding audience. If October Tone is today an alliance of people with many influences who have decided to think big, it's initially a collective formed by artists for artists. We release records, book tours, organize...
Concorde Nation Concorde Nation
108 · 7 · HU
Electronica, Rock
Latest release 1 year ago
Born in alloy of enthusiasm and passion for creative projects Concorde Nation is an independent record label situated in Budapest. hello@concordenation.net
209 · 8 · CO
Electronica, Rock
Latest release 2 years ago
Empresa Discográfica que apoya el talento musical de todo el mundo. Distribuimos a nivel global, y damos apoyo a nivel profesional. http://DISORecords.com
Galaxian Pac Galaxian Pac
6 · MY
Pop, Rock
Latest release 2 years ago
Galaxian Pac looks after a number of artists in the Electronic, Pop, Rock and Dance music spectrum. Galaxian Pac assists artists in all facets of the music industry to help them build their fan base and achieve their goals. However, Galaxian Pac music label allows anyone in the world to download its music for free as agreed by the artist and the label. Galaxian Pac releases are available for all YouTube Creators to use any of the music for fr...
Puredblood Puredblood
7 · US
Metal, Rock
Latest release 3 years ago
Puredblood Is The sister of SOCS records more focus on Ambient/Classical/Metal/Soundtracks and Rock productions
Spotistar Spotistar
5 · US
Dance, Rock
Latest release 51 years ago
Spotistar is a Spotify playlist agregator and promotion service founded in 2018.
Very Happy Records Very Happy Records
28 · 4 · NO
Rock, Punk
Latest release no info
Dedicated to indiepunk, post-groove, madness and realness since 2004. Very Happy Records started as the first release of OLOVE in 2004, but became «officially» a label in 2008. Looking forward to release music that makes us smile. We are located in Oslo, Norway and are happy to either sign or forward our artists on to other worthy record labels. Imprints of the Very Happy Records (VHR) family: Very Happy Records Jazz, Very Happy Records Ki...
Orfeo'lab Orfeo'lab
1 · FR
Rock, Pop
Latest release no info
Orfeo'lab is an online agency helping independent musicians and provides digital distribution, promotions, mixing, mastering... Upload your music to Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon and over 100 other platforms all over the world by registering at http://www.orfeolab.com
Paliklinika Paliklinika
1 · BY
Electronica, Rock
Latest release no info
New art express New art express
14 · US
Punk, Rock
Latest release no info
New art express is an American independent production group. NAE started as an event booking entity of the Seattle based indie label Sliver records. New art express was involved in numerous tours working behind the scenes. From providing assistance at the The Generators/Sledgeback NW US shows to tour management at the Tankcsapda 2015 US West coast events. Having decades long experience in music and video production NAE has worked on dozens of mus...
headstrong music headstrong music
8 · DE
Rock, Hard Rock
Latest release no info
Moin! Wir sind headstrong music aus Kiel, Germany. Wir sind sehr frisch als Independent-Label (LC 85196) in den Musik-Markt eingestiegen, haben aber persönlich jahrzentelange Erfahrung in verschiedenen Ecken des Musik-Business gesammelt. Unser Ziel ist der Support von (Newcomer-)Bands aus allen Ecken des Rock, Unterstützung bei Produktionen und Vertrieb (digital sowie physisch) und Promotion sowie Deals in Sachen Merchandising für Musiker, die un...
Bitxos Music Bitxos Music
2 · ID
Rock, Pop
Latest release no info
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