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Westchase Waves Records Westchase Waves Record...
23 · US
Hip-Hop, Pop
Latest release 2 years ago
CEO and Founder Joseph Alexander Frazier creates Westchase Waves Records, with the most established distribution, marketing, press, and publishment apex quality teams in the industry. A multi genre artists based company expands international to reach every demographic metropolitan area.
Senter Records Senter Records
5 · SG
Pop, Trap
Latest release 7 months ago
Senter Records is a Singapore-based record label founded by DJ Mass. The label has helped introduce young, talented EDM producers to the music scene in South East Asia, and is now branching out to the South Asian region with an HQ in Sri Lanka. With sounds that are predominantly Moombahton, Tropical, Reggaeton, Future Pop, Hybrid Trap, Crossover Trap, and Asian Pop EDM, Senter Records aims to cater to a wide audience and deliver premium quality m...
N4orce Entertainment Agency, LLC N4orce Entertainment A...
45 · 19 · US
Hip-Hop, Pop
Latest release 2 years ago
A&R Reps to live entertainers, we provide a number of other services, such as Videography and Web Design, Acting & Music Distribution services.
La Reine Records La Reine Records
113 · 18 · IL
Big Room, Pop
Latest release 2 years ago
Epic Amsterdam Epic Amsterdam
432 · 52 · NL
Pop, Dance
Latest release 1 month ago
Within Sony Music Entertainment there's a new label in town, we are EPIC Amsterdam!
Thurty Below Thurty Below
77 · 22 · US
Hip-Hop, Pop
Latest release 3 years ago
Indie-Major Label founded in 2012 Discography: Jai Blizz - The Induction (2016) B-Walk - Hurricane Season (2017) Jai Blizz- Minneapolis (2017) Bunk T - The Iceman (2017) Jai Blizz- Blackout (2017) B-Walk - Animal (2017) Jai Blizz - Da Last Demo (2018) Mixtapes: 4 Da Luv Of Da Minne Beast Of Tha Lakez Shot Kallin Cut Da Check Beast Of Tha Lakez 2 Blackout The Mixtape Thurty Below Tha New Movement Me Against The World Too Be...
Revolver Records Revolver Records
16 · UK
Indie Rock, Pop
Latest release 2 years ago
We provide; Recording, distribution, publishing and licensing agreements. We also offer promotional support while seeking sync opportunities.
Buenos Muzik Buenos Muzik
15 · IN
Pop, Drum & Bass
Latest release 2 years ago
Kalpanik Films Kalpanik Films
1 · 16 · IN
Hip-Hop, Pop
Latest release 3 years ago
We are KALPANIK FILMS. ​ We are committed to artistry & innovation in everything we do. We identify and develop artists and songwriters, we believe in. We produce, distribute and promote the music and make it most critically acclaimed and commercially successful. Music in itself is not just healing but it’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched with. And No matter what culture we’re from, eve...
Visionbolt Records Visionbolt Records
5 · 4 · US
Hip-Hop, Pop
Latest release 9 months ago
After founding and operating Apex Talent Group since 2011, Emily and Richard Makarewicz decided to create a record label to support up-and-coming artists in the music industry. Having the perspective of being talent managers for a decade, they are dedicated to operating Visionbolt Records with a more hands on approach. Marketing to playlists, finding sync opportunities, creating remix packs, and pitching out releases to press are just some of the...
MREC Entertainment MREC Entertainment
4 · LK
Pop, Chill Out
Latest release 10 months ago
MREC Entertainment is a Record Label based in Sri Lanka founded by Mahiru Senarathne and Dhyan Hewage. We currently distribute over 50 Sri Lankan artists and we are proudly spreading the love with our family.
Appreciate Records Appreciate Records
10 · IT
Pop, House
Latest release 2 years ago
Alto Max Recordings Alto Max Recordings
41 · 14 · ZA
Hip-Hop, Pop
Latest release 3 years ago
Alto Max Recordings will house the next generation of stars in South Africa and rest of Africa. Producing artistes from genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Afro Pop and House. We are poised to discovering "diamonds in the dirt" and showcasing their talents to the world.
Funtique Music Funtique Music
4 · 14 · DE
House, Pop
Latest release 3 years ago
Funtique Music is an independent super house label, which is a bridge between pop and underground music. We attach great importance to high-quality und and organic sounding of music.
Bots Deluxe Bots Deluxe
52 · 7 · SE
Electronica, Pop
Latest release 1 year ago
Independent record label based in Stockholm, launched by Bots Records in 2020. We're looking for artists focusing on Electropop, Technopop/Synthpop and any other form of electronic pop music. If that's your thing, Bots Deluxe is your home :) You can send your demos to info@botsrecords.com (SoundCloud private links). We'd love to hear from you!
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