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Motion Music Group Motion Music Group
2 · 16 · BO
Latest release 5 days ago
Motion Music Group, is an emerging music company in the industry.
Universal Music Group Universal Music Group
143 · US
Latest release 6 days ago
Universal Music Group is the world's largest music company. We are the home to such artists as Lady Gaga, Eminem, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Andrea Bocelli, Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, Maroon 5 and many, many more. Enjoy!
Slumberland Records Slumberland Records
58,011 · 46 · US
Rock, Pop
Latest release 4 days ago
Slumberland began operations in 1989, inspired by such musical happenings as C-86, early Creation, Sarah, Postcard, and the UK post-punk indie label scene. Since then we've covered a lot of territory, from punk to lofi noise to shoegaze and of course pop, releasing records from bands like The Aislers Set, Boyracer, Stereolab, Rocketship, Lorelei, The Ropers, The Saturday People and Black Tambourine. Our current roster includes The Pains of Bei...
Hoop Records Hoop Records
9,790 · 44 · IT
Future House, Pop
Latest release 7 months ago
Hoop Records is more than a label, it is an attitude in rejecting negative feelings to let people experience positivity and good vibrations in their lives; for this reason, our motto is “Feels so good”, fully represented by the sonorities expressed by our music. Our intent is to grow a community of artists, producers, and music lovers united by a huge passion for the music and all the shades around it. When you look at our logo, our artworks, a...
Miami Beats Miami Beats
68,633 · 42 · NL
Deep House, Pop
Latest release 6 months ago
O Music Recordings O Music Recordings
9,837 · 48 · IT
Pop, Dance
Latest release 8 months ago
O Music Recordings is a worldwide awarded record label specialised in Pop/Dance Music founded by Otto Orlandi. Our company provides artists with personalized Artist Management and Promotion Services to push them to the next level in the music industry.
19,396 · 35 · NL
Pop, Deep House
Latest release 7 months ago
ATLAST is one of the world's leading independent music companies, specializing in recorded music, music publishing and developing emerging artists on popular music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, TikTok & YouTube.
Yeiskomp Leisurely Yeiskomp Leisurely
3,019 · 40 · NL
Pop, Techno
Latest release 10 months ago
Yeiskomp Leisurely (Yeiskomp Records) - sub-label, specializes in producing music in the EDM-genre: Progressive Trance, Vocal Trance, Progressive House and derivatives... Yeiskomp Records collaborates with other labels and distributors, helping to promote quality music with powerful resources such as a website, YouTube-channel, groups in Facebook and other. Yeiskomp Records gathers to its ranks only the best musicians and singers from around t...
Youken Groups Youken Groups
3 · 2 · CA
Pop, Hip-Hop
Latest release 2 weeks ago
YOUKEN GROUPS is a multinational recording label and music distribution company, established in 2019 in Canada. The label's mission is to discover and promote talented artists and producers, both established and up-and-coming, from around the world. With its headquarters in Canada and various subsidiary labels around the world, YOUKEN GROUPS offers a wide range of music genres, including hip-hop, R&B, afro-soul, and more. The company prides itsel...
Polydor Polydor
3,799 · 99 · UK
Pop, Rock
Latest release 2 weeks ago
Polydor Records is home to some of the biggest names in music. From the 60s 'beat boom' onwards, through the eras of progressive rock, disco and punk, the label has been at the front of every big new musical development, while today the likes of the Lady Gaga, Scissor Sisters and The Black Eyed Peas maintain Polydor's cutting-edge reputation.
Nightstage Records Nightstage Records
29 · DE
Pop, House
Latest release 8 months ago
Wir wollen, dass du mit deiner Musik Erfolg hast! Deshalb unterstützen wir dich wo es nur geht: Wir planen deinen Release, kümmern uns um den Online-Vertrieb deiner Songs, um deine Online-Präsenz und um dein Marketing. Wir wollen, dass du dich als Musiker auf deine Musik konzentrieren kannst und dich nicht um das ganze nervige Drumherum kümmern musst!
Mystery Freedom Records Mystery Freedom Record...
2,201 · 21 · NL
Dance, Pop
Latest release 7 months ago
Mystery Freedom is a Dutch independent record label founded in April 2020. We focus on Dance Pop and are creating a community with the best talent out there. We are looking for fresh Dance Pop with thrilling sounds.
185 · 40 · US
Pop, Dance
Latest release 1 year ago
LHMPR Radio is a Digital Music Distributor that offers all the services that Independent Record Labels offer even more like Video Distributor, Podcast Radio, Newsletter. Blog, and ASCAP Music Publisher as Yvonne Wilcox Pen Name LHMPR Radio is Learning, Helping, Motivating, Press Room Radio LHMPR Radio is a Music Distribution Company that uses The Orchard's Distribution Platform. The Orchard is a distribution and services company that partne...
Neon Pink Records Neon Pink Records
10,939 · 26 · US
Dance, Pop
Latest release 1 week ago
Established in 2013, Neon Pink Records is a Las Vegas-based record label that offers select artists the opportunity to work with world class industry professionals and grow their music careers. Our alumni includes Asia Monet Ray from Lifetime Network's Raising Asia and Eden Wood from TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras. In addition to artist development and management, NPR works with songwriters to get releases placed in TV shows, movies, video gam...
8Ball Music 8Ball Music
1,063 · 19 · NL
Pop, Rock
Latest release 1 week ago
8ball Music is een Nederlands muzieklabel dat zich toelegt op nieuwe artiesten en marketing via internet.Het label is op 1 september 2006 opgericht als een samenwerking tussen Talpa Music en Sony BMG. Tony van de Berkt, zoon van voormalig radio-dj en huidig president van Talpa Music Tony Berk is de general manager. Robin van Beek, voormalig drummer bij Guus Meeuwis & Vagant en oud-manager bij EMI Music is de huidge Business Director.Bekende artie...
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