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23 · US
Latest release 1 year ago
Gonjong Entertainment Gonjong Entertainment
3 · 4 · ID
Chill Out, Hip-Hop
Latest release 4 months ago
Kemical Records Kemical Records
76 · 10 · RU
House, Hip-Hop
Latest release 10 months ago
Young indie label. We release electronic music (most often - trap). All our music is made on pure enthusiasm and the desire to bring something new to the industry!
173 · 27 · US
Latest release 2 years ago
Hip Hop Label glorifying real rap
Thurty Below Thurty Below
76 · 22 · US
Hip-Hop, Pop
Latest release 2 years ago
Indie-Major Label founded in 2012 Discography: Jai Blizz - The Induction (2016) B-Walk - Hurricane Season (2017) Jai Blizz- Minneapolis (2017) Bunk T - The Iceman (2017) Jai Blizz- Blackout (2017) B-Walk - Animal (2017) Jai Blizz - Da Last Demo (2018) Mixtapes: 4 Da Luv Of Da Minne Beast Of Tha Lakez Shot Kallin Cut Da Check Beast Of Tha Lakez 2 Blackout The Mixtape Thurty Below Tha New Movement Me Against The World Too Be...
Kora Music Group Kora Music Group
3 · US
Hip-Hop, Pop
Latest release 3 months ago
We are an independent record label and music rights society helping artists get their music to streaming services all over! We help small artists and big artists get their music to the places they need to be! No more of only putting your music to just SoundCloud and YouTube, do bigger things! Join our label today and see how rewarding it is! We currently only accept submissions from our website!
Bless Up Records Bless Up Records
3 · ZA
Hip-Hop, Reggae
Latest release 3 months ago
iahmRaproductions iahmRaproductions
147 · 11 · US
Hip-Hop, Dance
Latest release 1 year ago
Record Label: https://iahmraproductions.com
Mad Shower Records Mad Shower Records
13 · BR
Deep House, Hip-Hop
Latest release 1 year ago
My House Produce My House Produce
21 · VE
Electronica, Hip-Hop
Latest release 2 years ago
My House Produce fue fundada por Zyston Music. Donde trabaja con múltiples artistas en eso incluídos: Carlos Trewher, Jeey, Samuel arenas, entre otros más.
BangerSound BangerSound
3,465 · 17 · CA
Dance, Hip-Hop
Latest release 2 years ago
BangerSound is a music blog that promotes bangers + undiscovered gold. We believe: 1) Great music deserves to be heard. Bangers should go viral. 2) Listeners need a diverse music channel with consistently good tracks. 3) Artists deserve to keep their profits & creative control of their art.
Kalpanik Films Kalpanik Films
15 · IN
Hip-Hop, Pop
Latest release 1 year ago
We are KALPANIK FILMS. ​ We are committed to artistry & innovation in everything we do. We identify and develop artists and songwriters, we believe in. We produce, distribute and promote the music and make it most critically acclaimed and commercially successful. Music in itself is not just healing but it’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched with. And No matter what culture we’re from, eve...
Javasounds Javasounds
98 · 13 · ID
Dance, Hip-Hop
Latest release 1 year ago
Javasound is a record label from Indonesia, our label has a mission to spread good music, discover and promote new talent, allow artists to express themselves through their music, help them never stop pursuing their own dreams and give independent Indonesian artists to share their music to a whole new level through digital music stores around the world. All demo submissions must Include the following listed items. Any submissions made without all...
Maybe Music Group Maybe Music Group
3 · NL
Hip-Hop, Pop
Latest release 5 months ago
Coastal Vibes Coastal Vibes
9 · US
Pop, Hip-Hop
Latest release 1 year ago
Launched in 2019 with a growing presence on the West and East Coasts of the United States and Germany; Coastal Vibes is a fusion of international digital music distribution and artist management coupled with the foundational aim to provide extensive and strategic support for independent artists and DJs around the world. In an environment where artists and DJs are regularly exploited and the structural norm is to sign away the rights of their cont...
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