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Nightlife Recordings Nightlife Recordings
606 · 3 · US
Electro House
Latest release 8 years ago
Nightlife Recordings is an independent American dance music label. Focusing on Electro House, Dubstep, Glitch Hop, and Progressive House. Founded by Jonathan Delgado (Stereo Blaster) in 2013, with the goal of releasing only the best music from the best artists around the globe. Nightlife specializes in releasing top quality electronic music and is supported by some major artists and labels.
Soundbit Soundbit
4 · IT
Electro House, Progressive House
Latest release 9 years ago
TFP Records TFP Records
2,523 · 2 · UK
Big Room, Electro House
Latest release 6 years ago
We are the newest & freshest music & record label that will focus on electronic music from EDM all the way to UK Hardcore. We also have a radio show that is open to people showcasing the stuff they make or do send us a demo and we will add it to the shows that are played to get you more exposer: FB Fan Page Demo Drop: http://bit.ly/1TaPtyW ***LABEL IT CLEARLY SAYING "THIS IS A DEMO FOR TFP RECORDS"***
aLLriGhT ReCorDs aLLriGhT ReCorDs
638 · 1 · UK
Electro House, Nu Disco
Latest release 4 years ago
aLLriGhT ReCorDs is home of the dance duo aLLriGhT. The label was founded in 2012, with the aim to give a voice and release music with an edge that is not generally released by major labels.
Exclusive Recordings Exclusive Recordings
2 · UK
Electro House
Latest release 6 years ago
Exclusive Recordings is an independent dance label that strives to bring you the coolest tracks in electronic music. The label is based in the city of Sheffield (U.K) which has a rich tradition of electronic dance music. The music industry has gone through rapid change in recent years with the explosion of the internet and social media. Exclusive aims to adapt quickly to these changes and be at the forefront of tomorrow’s technology. The imprint...
Hatrax Records Hatrax Records
753 · 3 · CA
Electro House
Latest release 8 years ago
Always underground. Always forward-thinking.
Powerecords Powerecords
2 · IT
Electro House, Dance
Latest release 6 years ago
Record label by Italian DJ/producer CEO and Founder Mr.Free DJ.
SI7ZER Music SI7ZER Music
1,630 · 2 · US
Electro House
Latest release 7 years ago
SI7ZER Music. Imprint of Edward Nyman.
Bone Idle Records Bone Idle Records
3 · AU
Electro House
Latest release 8 years ago
We are aiming to move slightly away from the commercial sounds of these genres to bring you something a little more independent from the best new producers we can find..
Sights & Sounds Productions Sights & Sounds Produc...
1 · US
Dance, Electro House
Latest release 5 years ago
Sights & Sounds Productions is a EDM/Dance based Record Label founded in 1999 and has House Music Legends Chip E. and Lidell Townsell as well as highly touted Singer, Writer and Aerialist Nikki Phoenix and her EDM Band Jackeld Phoenix. Facebook: @SightsNSoundsInc (Verified) Twitter: @sightssoundsinc Instagram: @sightssoundsinc Website: www.sightsnsoundsinc.com/artists Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/label/sights-and-sounds-pro...
Sugar Faktory Sugar Faktory
3 · GR
Electro House
Latest release 8 years ago
Established in 2013 and based in Greece, Sugar Faktory is the first and only electronic dance music label in the country. Focusing on releasing quality EDM, Sugar Faktory is made possible by talented and emerging producers. Using sugar to spice up your life, Sugar Faktory produces music that fits the inclusive sound of the label, whether that be progressive house, electro house, big room, electro, or other genres of today’s hottest dance music....
House Of Fun House Of Fun
2,327 · 3 · AU
Electro House
Latest release 8 years ago
Pop Dope Pop Dope
3 · RU
Electro House, Progressive House
Latest release 8 years ago
Dirt-E Records Dirt-E Records
3 · NL
Progressive House, Electro House
Latest release 8 years ago
Dutch Record label, releasing innovative high quality electronic dance music DIRTE RECORDS is an independent label that was founded in the Netherlands and want to introduce you to different house music styles.
Morbittal Records Morbittal Records
180 · 2 · MX
Electro House, House
Latest release 7 years ago
SEND YOUR DEMO! MorbittalRecords@hotmail.com Morbittal Records es un sello discográfico de artistas creado en México. @JohnnySwirl y @RYTTHAL la fundaron en 2013. En Morbittal Records estamos dispuestos a firmar música que te haga sentir desde que das play a tu canción preferida.
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