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Pohañaná Records Pohañaná Records
259 · 6 · PY
Electronica, Downtempo
Latest release 7 years ago
Pohañaná Records is a netlabel based in Paraguay. We are focused on promoting musicians, producers, beatmakers, singers, instrumentalists and all kind of musical artists from within the country and the region. Pohañaná means "medicinal herb" in guarani, the native language spoken in Paraguay, as we believe music to be one of the best medicines we have.
Astana Astana
134 · 2 · TR
Afro House, Downtempo
Latest release 2 years ago
A record label born of the same roots and culture as old Istanbul. Astana comes to you out of the great lockdown of 2020 with a flame of passion that refused to be extinguished. From the deprivation of adventure comes Astana, a new inclusive global label dedicated to spreading hope and love through the sound of music. Astana breaches boarders on a wave of synergy to create an international family of like-mined artist who possess a deep understand...
Grooveless recordings Grooveless recordings
18 · 2 · IT
Chill Out, Downtempo
Latest release 2 years ago
Grooveless recordings was born in 2015 from the collaboration between 2 Italian DJ producers: Daniele Soriani and Gianrico Leoni, present for over 25 years in the world of house and deep house productions, with collaborations with the best independent Italian house labels and the majors. It is a lounge - downtempo oriented label, powered by jaywork. We had many of our songs featured on Traxsource's top lounge chart
Azmaeen Records Azmaeen Records
Latest release 6 years ago
Azmaeen Records is a Islamic record label company founded in Bangladesh in 2014 by Sarfaraz Naheed. Over its first 4 years of operation, Azmaeen Records earned a reputation as one of the most important record label.
Dubmission Records Dubmission Records
Latest release 10 months ago
Dubmission Records have blazed a trail of warped woofers since the mid 90’s, when they launched with a trio of bass heavy dubwise compilations.
Raighes Factory Raighes Factory
29 · 11 · IT
Ambient, Downtempo
Latest release no info
Raighes Factory is an independent music company label founded in 2010 by Sardinian guitarist/composer Roberto Diana. Raighes Factory has released albums, EPs and singles by more than 30 artists. The label operates in Sardinia and is distributed worldwide. At Raighes Factory, we believe in the power of instrumental music to bring people together and positively impact their lives. Our mission is to produce and distribute high-quality instrumen...
Label Cantroll Label Cantroll
1,041 · 4 · DE
Chill Out, Downtempo
Latest release no info
Label Cantroll (earlier Cuntroll) — music label involved in trip-hop, downtempo, atmospheric electronic, lo-fi / abstract hip-hop releases. The label produces the most interesting material sent from both young and mature musicians. The resident team includes more than 60 bands and performs from all over the world. Among the artists can be noted the following projects — Nordgroove, Thiam, Aminolen, Asa Taura, Paradeigma, Arctic Lightz, Silent noo...
Ostowana Ostowana
8 · MA
Afro House, Downtempo
Latest release no info
Ostowana is a record label that delivers the best of African and Middle Eastern culture and artists who promise to provide a wide variety of artists and an array of music with a desire to produce quality works and musical sharing with artists of cultural diversity. Ostowana's name comes from the Arabic term that means "Disc" which refers to phonographic discs that were used as a medium for commercial sound recording broadcast at the time. Ostowan...
Colorica Nature Colorica Nature
2 · IL
Chill Out, Downtempo
Latest release no info
"Colorica Nature" is the nature of colors with all its shades. The eternal source of inspiration for paints is nature. What can compare with the variety of natural colors. The same thing happens with music, an artist, like an artist, draws inspiration from the world around him. Basic Styles: Chillout, Downtempo, Ambient, Lounge. Music that can reach the very depths.
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