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Sunday Choruses Sunday Choruses
180 · 5 · FR
Electronica, Downtempo
Latest release 1 year ago
Sunday Choruses is an electronic music label based in France. Created by Green Valdener (artist and owner) in 2015.
Pohañaná Records Pohañaná Records
600 · 6 · PY
Electronica, Downtempo
Latest release 4 years ago
Pohañaná Records is a netlabel based in Paraguay, founded by DJ/Producer Qetsy. We are focused on promoting musicians, producers, beatmakers, singers, instrumentalists and all kind of musical artists from within the country and the region. Pohañaná means "medicinal herb" in guarani, the native language spoken in Paraguay, as we believe music to be one of the best medicines we have.
Ez Recordings Ez Recordings
8 · 4 · UK
Downtempo, Chill Out
Latest release 2 years ago
Ez Recordings - Puttin' the ill in Chill. Ez Recordings is an independant, UK based record label, bringing a mix of Downtempo, Chillout, Acid Jazz, Lounge, Drum & Bass, Trip-hop and much more.
Astana Astana
131 · 1 · TR
Afro House, Downtempo
Latest release 13 years ago
A record label born of the same roots and culture as old Istanbul. Astana comes to you out of the great lockdown of 2020 with a flame of passion that refused to be extinguished. From the deprivation of adventure comes Astana, a new inclusive global label dedicated to spreading hope and love through the sound of music. Astana breaches boarders on a wave of synergy to create an international family of like-mined artist who possess a deep understand...
Label Cantroll Label Cantroll
1,042 · 2 · RU
Chill Out, Downtempo
Latest release no info
Label Cantroll (earlier Cuntroll) — Russian music label involved in trip-hop, downtempo, ambient, abstract hip-hop releases. The label produces the most interesting material sent from both young and mature musicians. The resident team includes more than 60 bands and performs from all over the world. Among the artists can be noted the following projects — Nordgroove, Thiam, Aminolen, Asa Taura, Paradeigma, Arctic Lightz, Silent nook, Plushka, Drop...
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