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Hit de Jes Records Hit de Jes Records
9 · VE
Tech House, Electronica
Latest release 1 year ago
Coalition Récords Coalition Récords
9,880 · 30 · VE
Electronica, Dance
Latest release 4 years ago
"We are a creative community passionate about innovation". You are welcome! Coalition Récords (formerly known as Coalition Network) is a Venezuelan-based independent electronic dance Music Record label located in Caracas. The label was founded in August 2015 by Luis Alzuru CEO. Coalition Records signs artists for releases only, rather than longterm exclusivity deals, which lets its artists Retaincopyright control of their song and the ability...
Stars Artillery Stars Artillery
7 · VE
Tech House, Deep House
Latest release 1 year ago
My House Produce My House Produce
22 · VE
Electronica, Hip-Hop
Latest release 5 years ago
My House Produce fue fundada por Zyston Music. Donde trabaja con múltiples artistas en eso incluídos: Carlos Trewher, Jeey, Samuel arenas, entre otros más.
Heavy Vibes Heavy Vibes
10 · 8 · VE
Tech House, House
Latest release 2 years ago
Our goal is to provide a springboard for new producers. We are a trusted label that can offer you the best underground music. Send your demo ---- vibesheavy@gmail.com Tech House - Deep Tech - Minimal - Deep House - House
Artillerycrewrecods Artillerycrewrecods
6 · VE
Techno, Hard Techno
Latest release 2 years ago
99G Record Music 99G Record Music
48 · 12 · VE
Electronica, Electro House
Latest release 5 years ago
99°G RÉCORD MUSIC We are a record label of venezuela, we have as a priority, support and encourage the country's emerging talents in what is the production of electronic music, thus reaching a campaign to promote young talents and expanding the musical culture of electronics to Nacional level.
Latin Tech House Music Latin Tech House Music
1,712 · 11 · VE
Tech House, Deep House
Latest release 5 years ago
Latin Tech House Music, founded in 2018, is a record label dedicated to promoting House music with the characteristic fusion sound of Latin rhythms.
Beat Bass Records Beat Bass Records
69 · 5 · VE
Electro House, Electronica
Latest release 4 months ago
Séllo Discográfico Venezolano Fundado en el 2014 para dar a conocer nuevos talentos Patrocinante de los Subgenero Electronicos: -Big Room -Bounce -Dubstep -Hardstyle -House -Melbourne -Psytrance -Trance -Trap
SL Records SL Records
1,208 · 8 · VE
Tech House
Latest release 1 year ago
Warairatech Warairatech
259 · 9 · VE
Deep House, Tech House
Latest release 1 year ago
Warairatech empezo con Gerardo Medina en el 2014 como una pagina promotora de la movida electronica “underground” en venezuela y sus al rededores. En 2017 Gerardo Medina se asocio con Daniel Donelli dandole asi un giro de 180 grados al proposito de la marca creando una disquera y management de artistas. Por los momentos Warairatech lanzo un solo EP de las manos de Lumc House titulado Los Indios EP. El cual tuvo bastante aceptación en plataforma...
Musical Masters Musical Masters
1,862 · 6 · VE
Tech House, House
Latest release 4 years ago
Musical Masters (Record Label) Follow us on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2AzL726 Musical Masters is an independent record label founded on June 25, 2015 in Venezuela. The company is dedicated exclusively to promoting Groove House / Tech House / Tribal, Afro & Latín House - If you wish to contact us, drop us an email at: ✉️ Demos@coalitionrecords.us
Sunrise Of Stars Sunrise Of Stars
4 · 3 · VE
Electronica, Reggae
Latest release 3 years ago
Nacido bajo la creación de la pieza músical "Natural" del mismo Sunrise of Stars. Actualmente no se registran o aceptan Demos. Por favor abstenerse de enviarlos a este sello. Este Proyecto es exclusivo de Ronaldo Rodriguez para el Registro de sus propios proyectos musicales. Esperemos que en el futuro, se llegue a recibir demos.
The Burned Hand Records The Burned Hand Record...
5,198 · 5 · VE
Deep House, House
Latest release 6 years ago
The burned Hand Records is a sub-label of Coalition Records - https://labelsbase.net/label/coalition-recording - https://soundcloud.com/coalition_records
Trance 360º Trance 360º
6 · 5 · VE
Psy-Trance, Trance
Latest release 6 years ago
Trance 360º was founded in December of 2017 by CHRIS R3D & T-NOX. A sub-label dedicated to all genres of trance music. Support every artist you see or hear, because you will never know when you need to have one of your works of art to smile again!!
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