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Uncharted Recordings Uncharted Recordings
17 · LK
Dance, Electro House
Latest release 11 months ago
Uncharted Recordings is a brand new Sri Lankan record label in EDM industry was established by electronic music producer Sachila Chathnuka in 2022. We are promoting fresh electronic and dance music. No matter which subgenre is! Progressive House, Bigroom, Electro House, Future House, Future Bounce, Bass House, Hardstyle, Future Bass, or any EDM masterpiece. We are providing music distribution, promotions and artist management to our artists.
Ded Sec Records Ded Sec Records
28 · 11 · LK
Dubstep, Trap
Latest release 9 months ago
Ded Sec Records is a Sri Lankan premier electronic music record label and creative collective. it was founded by Mechanic in 2019. Mechanic announced the label on May 07, 2019.The label's first release was Mechanic's Reggae Rum. We provide music distribution, publishing, promotions & many more services for our artists. We also accept Remixes. Send Demos: https://www.labelradar.com/labels/dedsecrecords/portal Info: dedsecrecords@gmail.co...
K-Records K-Records
9 · LK
Drum & Bass, Dubstep
Latest release 2 weeks ago
K-Records is a Sri Lankan EDM record label founded in 2013 by Kavishka Dombawela
Sri Nation Sri Nation
11 · LK
Big Room, Trap
Latest release 2 years ago
Sri Nation is the biggest Electronic Dance Music chart show in Sri Lanka. Started in 2017. It was founded by Jizzy. Sri Nation is a premier group and we are helping the underrated artist to get a fan base. Note: We only accept remixes for now. We do not provide music distribution, publishing, promotions & other services for now.
Serendeep Serendeep
1,646 · 10 · LK
Progressive House
Latest release 2 years ago
Interested in releasing on Serendeep, please send your demos to https://www.labelradar.com/labels/serendeep/portal
Mafia Family Records Mafia Family Records
16,938 · 8 · LK
Electronica, Hip-Hop
Latest release 2 years ago
"Follow Your Passion, Be Prepared To Work Hard And Sacrifice, And, Above All, Don't Let Anyone Limit Your Dreams". - Donovan Bailey Mafia Family Group Sri Lanka Imprint Unveils A Fresh New Sub Label Titled ‘Mafia Family Records’ Is A Independent Record Label, Founded In May 2018. We Are The Sri Lankan Leading Electronic Dance Music Record Label Group Since 2016. We Have An Over 1.7 Million Fanbase All Around The World. Drop Your Demos:- htt...
AirXone Musik AirXone Musik
12 · 3 · LK
Pop, Hip-Hop
Latest release 11 months ago
Mafia Family Mafia Family
16,939 · 7 · LK
Electronica, Hip-Hop
Latest release 2 years ago
"Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don't let anyone limit your dreams". #Donovan Bailey "Mafia Family Records" is an Independent Record Label, Founded in May of 2018, We Supporting Worldwide Artists with our Family! We are the Sri Lankan leading electronic dance music record label since 2018, we have an over 1M fanbase all around the world. We deliver your music to more than 100 digital partners in...
MREC Entertainment MREC Entertainment
5 · LK
Pop, Chill Out
Latest release 2 years ago
MREC Entertainment is a record label for both Sri Lankan and foreign musicians that are passionate about making music. We were seeking for musicians that were loyal and diligent for our record company, and when we found someone like that, we constantly pushed our staff to assist them expand their music career and success. We normally offer our artists flexible contracts that they can accept or refuse. We do not place any obligations on their shou...
Serandip Records Serandip Records
3 · LK
Hip-Hop, Pop
Latest release 3 years ago
Serandip Records is a Sri Lankan based independent media group that provides full-service artist management solutions/ Music Publishing for a variety of music business clients. Serandip Records was founded by Prathap Costa and Sandun Nissanka. Hailing from the hill capital, Kandy, COSTA, has turned into more or less a household name with the Sinhala & English Hip Hop/Rap Music community in Sri Lanka. Sandun is a Serial Entrepreneur from Californ...
Hela Recordings Hela Recordings
1 · LK
Dance, House
Latest release 2 years ago
Hela Recordings is an independent record label founded in 2018 by Sri Lankan DJ and Producer N Marc, a visionary artist who is driven by a passion for electronic dance music. With the release of his first EP, Foresight, in 2018, N Marc garnered support from superstar DJs such as Timmy Trumpet, Djs From Mars, R3SPAWN, and Avadox, quickly establishing Hela Recordings as a major player in the Sri Lankan dance music scene. Committed to nurturing l...
Taprobane Records Taprobane Records
1 · LK
Electronica, Pop
Latest release 2 years ago
Jambutek Recordings Jambutek Recordings
2,440 · 13 · LK
Deep House, Minimal
Latest release 2 years ago
Founded in 2014, Jambutek Recordings is an electronic music imprint and artist collective based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. bit.ly/2x2Yohl
Lethal Bass Lethal Bass
53 · 6 · LK
Techno, Minimal
Latest release 4 years ago
Send your demos to: thilanfrg@gmail.com
Lion Mafia Records Lion Mafia Records
5 · LK
House, Hip-Hop
Latest release no info
Dance & EDM Record Label owned by Mafia Family Group Sri Lanka. "Mafia Family Group" is an Sri Lanka Company, Founded in May of 2016 We Supporting Worldwide Artists with our Family!
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