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Cardina Records Cardina Records
99 · 14 · ES
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 1 week ago
Demos: cardinarecords@gmail.com Sello discográfico creado en 2018 perteneciente a un peuqeño pueblo asturiano llamado salas. Ante la pasividad con la que la mayoría de la gente observa la cultura techno, este sello nace con la misión de promover y hacer crecer este estilo de música. El principal interés es promover música vanguardista de manera local con el fin de impulsar la cultura musical y no a artistas individuales.
Nomevea Records Nomevea Records
916 · 17 · ES
Tech House, Techno
Latest release 1 year ago
Label of Tech House and Techno, created and directed by "Nomevea records"
Kubbo Records Kubbo Records
15 · ES
Tech House, Minimal
Latest release 11 months ago
Revival Records Revival Records
53 · 16 · ES
Minimal, Deep House
Latest release 1 year ago
Label of Electronic Underground Music. Based in Canary Islands (Spain). Send your demos to: revivalrecord@gmail.com 2 tracks at least with link of Private SoundCloud. We will respond as soon as possible. Before sending anything, make sure your tracks match our style. Thank you very much for your understanding.
Ampispazi Recordings Ampispazi Recordings
3,859 · 37 · ES
Deep House, Tech House
Latest release 2 years ago
Born in 2011 by the mind of Italian producer and DJ Mik Santoro, Berlin – based Ampispazi Recordings has been releasing quality underground electronic music since its inception. The label’s manifesto precisely specifies that they will release music from those artists that, although incredibly talented, won’t have the chance to be known by the public and are yet to be discovered. For the past 3 years Ampispazi’s head Mik Santoro has been scooping...
Synergy Recordings Synergy Recordings
1,216 · 13 · ES
Progressive House, Tech House
Latest release 1 year ago
Aimed at releasing high-class Progressive House, Tech House and occasional Melodic Techno flavours from some of the world’s finest producers and grooviest artists. This label owned and managed by DJ/producer and percussionist Karim Haas, Synergy Recordings, is eager to show the public a new way of presenting a select musical choice by closely working together with artists thus developing highest results of synergy for everybody involved in the...
United Music Hits United Music Hits
5,493 · 28 · ES
Electro House, Future House
Latest release 2 years ago
United Music Hits. Established Record Label. Created on 2019 & Bringing The Best Music & Hits To The Industry.
Be Your Own Studio Label Be Your Own Studio Lab...
315 · 13 · ES
Latest release 1 year ago
Be Your Own Studio Label is an emotional electronic music label founded in 2020 by music composer and producer Nau Leone. The label mission is to give visibility to an electronic music branch without prejudice, where shapes, genres or categories are not as decisive as content. Be Your Own Studio Label focuses on the root of the music: the emotions. Visual art and image plays an essential role in this idea. This label is committed to a sensi...
Ario Records Ario Records
348 · 14 · ES
Deep House, Downtempo
Latest release 1 year ago
Ario Records Is a Record Label Based In Spain & Founded in 2019 We Are Searching For Talented Producers, Bands, Singers and Dj’s to form a real team based on friendship, trust, and music. We bring MUSIC and LOVE Together. The Reason We Decided To formed a Group Like This, is Just Because There Are So Many Talents In Our World and Our Country And They Can't Publish Their Talent Alone Without Support. We Are Here to Support Real Talents And Serve...
Eleveh Records Ibiza Eleveh Records Ibiza
1,657 · 13 · ES
House, Tech House
Latest release 1 year ago
Elevèh is a label from Ibiza supported by the djs of the island. We bring songs with good vibe of House Music, Tech House and Deep House. Dj Sanchez and Lipous joined forces with a unique goal; to create a collective of artists with a common style and sound quality that would provide music and entertainment for audiences.
Voodoo and Prayers Voodoo and Prayers
172 · 12 · ES
House, Deep House
Latest release 1 year ago
We intend to find music of quality, of imagination, with groove and with inspiration. To uplift the soul, to allow you to feel a higher frequency and to join together in dance. To believe in something is to live, the intention is healing and medicine. All religions and belief structures use intention or prayers as a way of healing. All believe in drums, rhythm or music to uplift the soul, all believe in either gathering together or finding so...
Survivor Records Survivor Records
12 · ES
Techno, Deep House
Latest release 1 year ago
Survivor Records owner JfAlexsander, From Spain, create in 2017, electronic music label, techno, deep house and moore styles, moore artists ... enjoy, thanks and Zona3 (sublabel ) create in 2021 ,electronic music record label
Merkaba Sound Merkaba Sound
144 · 12 · ES
Tech House, Techno
Latest release 1 year ago
Merkaba Sound Records is an independent label that was born in Tenerife, Spain and that has the idea of expansion and conscientious growth through music, Merkaba means transformation, it is the vehicle through which we ascend and connect with other planes of reality, but this process is slow and goes through many phases, Merkaba Sound Records is created with the intention of translating that into music, without labels, only electronic music witho...
Progressive Vibes Music Progressive Vibes Musi...
790 · 11 · ES
Trance, Progressive House
Latest release 1 year ago
Progressive Vibes Music is a Spanish electronic music label founded in 2018 by Physical Phase. Finest Progressive & Vocal vibes. Submit demos matching our main styles (Progressive Trance / Vocal Trance / Progressive House / Vocal House): http://progressivevibesmusic.label-engine.com/demos
Serrano's Kitchen Serrano's Kitchen
839 · 13 · ES
Tech House, Deep House
Latest release 1 year ago
Serrano's Kitchen is Danny Serrano's Label. Danny welcomes and thanks to all artists who are working on this project. DEMO POLICY: Please send only private Soundcloud links to music@serranoskitchen.com and make sure they are downloadable MP3 320K. SERRANO’S KITCHEN MUSIC GROUP Serrano’s Kitchen Label / Serrano’s Kitchen Shop / Eat and Beat Records SERRANO’S KITCHEN MASTERING Mix & Mastering / Artist / Label’s Info@serranoskitchen.com...
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