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Cap & Beard Cap & Beard
4 · RU
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 1 year ago
Cap & Beard Records is an independent house music label from Southern Russia, co-owned by DaSmokin’Frogz and Nastia Uvarova, concentrating on groovy house music from tech and deep sound to g-house and indie dance. Cap & Beard Family consists of artists from Rostov-on-Don including DaSmokin’Frogz, 2night & 2907, Archysolo (#dupodcast crew)
Ylla Music Ylla Music
2,293 · 2 · RU
Latest release 9 months ago
A group of independent record labels Founded in 2013 by SourCream for productions of own music projects. Currently labels has been publishing high-quality musical material from talented artists around the world.
Deep Brother Records Deep Brother Records
254 · 2 · RU
Deep House, Electronica
Latest release 10 months ago
Link Demo Submission / Contact / Promo: deepbrother.records@gmail.com https://vk.com/dbrteam
Idenline Idenline
4,564 · 7 · RU
Electronica, Chill Out
Latest release 1 year ago
Idenline is a independent record label, founded and run by Denis Markin (idenline) for melodic producers & vocal artists.
Arinushka Records Arinushka Records
3 · 3 · RU
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 1 year ago
Arinushka Records - independent music label developed by Lovexit & Defkeet based on electronic waves of your soul in our cyber dimension.
Deep Nights Music Deep Nights Music
38 · 4 · RU
Trance, Progressive House
Latest release 1 year ago
Deep Nights Music It is an independent record label specializing in high quality Trance and Progressive House. The label was created to promote quality music and talented young musicians.My interested in supporting current trends and high quality musical
Sosomuch Records Sosomuch Records
55 · 1 · RU
Deep House, Tech House
Latest release 8 months ago
Welcome on Sosomuch page! I'll Go Start My Own Record Label With Blackjack and Hookers (c)
Exaltation Records Exaltation Records
148 · 4 · RU
Progressive House
Latest release 1 year ago
What is electronic music? Is it feelings? Is it emotions? It is an unknown force that captures you and makes your body move to the beat? Exaltation is not just another trivial music label. It's a connection of all the positive and joyful moments. It is a channel between the artist's worldview and the listener's thoughts. We are the ones who, through the vibrations of sound waves, make every day a little happier. We are the ones who combine dy...
Techno Kids Records Techno Kids Records
252 · 6 · RU
Latest release 1 year ago
Record label run by @paulkid-com Sub-label : @swishpizza Distribution worldwide by Symphonic Dist (digital). Contact: technokidsrecords@gmail.com Bio : Techno Kids Records is a progressive, growing label. It was created on February 22 under the guidance of DJ and musician Paul Kid. Labels work in the style of techno and all its subgenres. Originally, the label appeared in Russia. Despite the fact that we are just developing, in our city...
1,751 · 9 · RU
Dance, Pop
Latest release 2 years ago
The label was founded by the musician - Rasster. From his birth he has been living with music. The melodies fill his heart and make him really happy. His every day begins with music. Perhaps your music will encourage someone to get out of bed. Rasster is here to help you bring your music to the soul of the audience! Now you can be calm because your music is in safe hands. CAMPAÑA is exactly what you need! Believe in yourself and send your d...
UnitedStatesOfBrights UnitedStatesOfBrights
38 · 6 · RU
Pop, Hip-Hop
Latest release 1 year ago
"UnitedStatesOfBrights" is a label of national music of regional significance. It shares the ideals of main worldwide label "WorldOfBrights" to create a space of perfect music in different countries and regions of the world. High musical aesthetic and high quality recording production regardless the language - inviolable principles of "UnitedStatesOfBrights". http://unitedstatesofbrights.com UnitedStatesOfBrights - regional sublabel of "Wo...
Sanex Music Sanex Music
204 · 3 · RU
Techno, Minimal
Latest release 1 year ago
SANEX MUSIC - independent music label. It was founded in the beginning of 2009.The label owners are SANEX project. Their experience of producing & releasing tracks begins from 2001. Label is the production and promotion of techno music and more specifically the following styles of techno, minimal techno, tech house. We help to promote compositions and albums in the global music market in digital and CD formats in the world in all styles and direc...
Unpause Records Unpause Records
69 · 6 · RU
Electronica, Techno
Latest release 2 years ago
Unpause Records это российский лейбл электронной музыки. Основан в 2015 году Алексом Шинкарёвым (Alex Shinkareff). Мы ставим перед собой цель искать таланты по всему миру, но приоритетно из России. Помогать им развиваться, поддерживать их, рассказывать о них, чувствовать их музыку и обмениваться с ними опытом. Никаких шаблонов и стилистических границ. Только истинные эмоции, преобразованные в неординарную электронику. / Unpause Records is...
Imminent Imminent
9,950 · 9 · RU
Electronica, Chill Out
Latest release 2 years ago
An independent record label based on community of talented musicians all around the world. We stand for providing the finest deep and atmospheric sound, that has no limits. We are open -minded to the side of atmospheric sound, whatever music genre it is Our concept is to create music that will go beyond your expectations of electronic music. IMMINENT. You can’t hide from our sound.
More Records More Records
2,322 · 7 · RU
Future House, Big Room
Latest release 2 years ago
IMore Records is a Russian independent record label, founded in 2015 by Aleksandr Kraytser (DJ Nemets, Alex Kreizer, CTRL A) - russian deejay, producer and label manager and Arthur Kurdiukov (Arthur d'Amour,Old Bass System, Access Code, Bohema, Silent Hunter, Art D'ecor, Orange Beam) - russian deejay, musical producer and sound-maker. created this label to start releasing my own music. I am hoping to eventually help other musicians record & relea...
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