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Nahawand Recordings Nahawand Recordings
266 · 5 · LB
Latest release 4 days from now
Nahawand Recordings is a new Lebanese label, focusing on Uplifting, Oriental, Emotional Trance, managed by W!SS and Ash K & Junior, the label focuses on releasing quality tracks from new and known Trance artists around the world! Feel free to send us a demo to demo@nahawandrecordings.com
STRND Records STRND Records
387 · 8 · LB
Progressive House, Techno
Latest release 5 days ago
STRND is a Beirut based record label and imprint that specializes in Techno and Progressive House music. Founded by As We Said and Mardraüs, the label has quickly become a go-to destination for fans of these genres. The music released by STRND is known for its forward-thinking approach and innovative sound. The label's artists are always pushing the boundaries of electronic music, experimenting with new production techniques and incorporating...
Feedasoul Records Feedasoul Records
4 · LB
Deep House
Latest release 3 weeks from now
Feedasoul is a Lebanese based independent record label, established back in 2016. To date, the label’s 60+ digital releases and House for the Soul, Feedasoul’s first physical release present a roadmap to where we are now. While spanning across different sub-genres and jumping from one musical direction to another, our records are always rooted in Jazz and Soul. Lately, we’ve hit our stride with our ever-growing fondness of rhythm and movement. I...
VL Records VL Records
3 · LB
Deep House, Tech House
Latest release 3 months ago
Sensual Bliss Recordings Sensual Bliss Recordin...
767 · 7 · LB
Latest release 10 months ago
In 2008, ‘Sensual Bliss’ radio show was born. Throughout the years it established a special character, defining decency & sustainability in presenting the best in the Trance music genre. The term ‘Sensual Bliss’ is derived from the blissful feelings Trance music endows to our senses; and that’s what our music is all about. That being said, ‘Sensual Bliss’ was and will always remain a respectable ground for most of the international artists....
Compulsive Movement Records Compulsive Movement Re...
239 · 5 · LB
Deep House, Tech House
Latest release 1 year ago
Compulsive Movement Records DJ Sedatophobia, a Dutch DJ and producer, founded the record label ‘Compulsive Movement Records’ in the end of 2016. The label is focused on Deep House and Tech House genres that will get you moving. There is a power in music, like when you start nodding your head without you knowingly doing so. This can even extend to full body movements. Hence the name: ‘Compulsive Movement Records’, tunes to make you move....
Per-vurt Records Per-vurt Records
4,912 · 9 · LB
Progressive House
Latest release 5 years ago
Having dedicated all his life to music, G-Mohris - The Founder, Owner and Manager of Per-vurt Records - decided to have another line under his very successful business organization "Per-vurt" which is known to be the best place for DJs, clubbers, and music lovers in Lebanon and the region according to "Electro Vibes"(www.per-vurt.com). Managed by Proton, Per-vurt Records is more than just a Record Label. It's a Music Legend in the making.
Fantome de Nuit Fantome de Nuit
1,913 · 1 · LB
Deep House
Latest release 4 years ago
Beirut based independent Record Label, Artist Collective, Party Brand & Podcast run by Technophile (aka Nesta)
TFL Recordings TFL Recordings
87 · 2 · LB
Latest release 7 years ago
For demos: demos@trancefamilyleb.com General info: tflrec@trancefamilyleb.com Licensing: tflrec@trancefamilyleb.com
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