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Ex-tract Records Ex-tract Records
2,457 · 3 · CZ
Techno, Hard Techno
Latest release 6 days from now
Extract Records was founded in 2011 in the Czech Republic and was created by techno producer Matt Ess. The label is focused mainly on Hardtechno, Darktechno, Rawtechno, Industrial Techno.
Avaken Records Avaken Records
73 · 6 · CZ
Techno, Hard Techno
Latest release 3 days ago
Avaken was created (2020) by dj and techno producer Lucas Wirth. Avaken is focused on Hard Techno, Techno and Melodic Techno music. We had two editions of releases (White & Black). White edition is focused on Techno and Melodic Techno music. Black edition is focused on Dark Techno and Hard Techno music. Label comes from the heart of Europe from Czech Republic. Avaken wants to bring to the listeners only the best from actually Techno scene....
Sojka Records Sojka Records
794 · 7 · CZ
Deep House, Afro House
Latest release 4 days ago
Sojka Records is a Czech underground label founded by Ivan Mokshin in 2018 from former Prague event agency Sojka Group. Main genres are deep house, melodic house & techno, afro house.
Trance All-Stars Records Trance All-Stars Recor...
23,125 · 38 · CZ
Latest release 2 weeks ago
Trance All-Stars Records, founded in 2009, is a leading electronic dance music label. We are representing some of the scenes key artists and rising stars alike, with its unique and hugely successful blend of the finest uplifting, progressive and tech trance from around the globe. Trance All-Stars Records digital label combines quality sound tunes with massive ideas of talented producers worldwide. In some unique exemptions we also have a possi...
MOSP Recordings MOSP Recordings
150 · 3 · CZ
Trance, Tech House
Latest release 4 days ago
Mosp Recordings is the professional label from Czech Republic, which is open for new talents and contemporary electronic artists from around the world. The label will push forward more styles of music as techno, tech-house, house & progressive.
Fragrances Fragrances
35 · 6 · CZ
Deep House, House
Latest release 7 months ago
PLEASE NOTE: for the demo, we only accept the music styles we have described! No EDM, Big Room, or similar !!! thanks send demo at: fragrances@post.cz
Liquid Energy Digtial Liquid Energy Digtial
2,990 · 16 · CZ
Trance, Psy-Trance
Latest release 3 weeks ago
Trance digital label launched in April 2014 by Irish DJ & producer Kinetica. After 3 releases, Kinetica decided to stay focused on his own productions and turned control of the label over to Trance All-Stars Records.
Silent Shore Records Silent Shore Records
3,574 · 19 · CZ
Latest release 1 month ago
Silent Shore Records was found in the spring of 2009 by Tibor Tomecko & Lukas Novak for the purpose to deliver fresh and quality electronic music to the clubbing community. We felt that there has to be some change in the world of electronic music. After a short time, we came up with an idea of an electronic music label which will combine quality sounding tunes with massive ideas from talented producers worldwide. As a label, our goal was to de...
MWA Multimedia S.r.o. MWA Multimedia S.r.o.
1 · CZ
Chill Out, Deep House
Latest release 6 months ago
MWA Multimedia S.r.o. is a multimedia company based in Prague which covers all aspects of music business and of other arts. Our focus is to help our artists and authors to be connected with all branches of music industry. We have partners located in different Countries in Europe to be more close to our artists and authors.
Digital Paradox Records Digital Paradox Record...
598 · 4 · CZ
Breaks, Chill Out
Latest release 1 month ago
Digital Paradox Records is focused on electronic music. Music for body and soul. We release a variety of styles, it doesn´t matter if straight or broken beats, up or down tempo. The focus lies on the beat, groove and sound manipulations. In our catalogue you can find all kinds of House, Electro, Breakbeat and Chillout music. The founder and owner of DP records is Tomas Szabo aka DJ Sabiani. He decided to release his own tracks and remixes and of...
Ramuzen Odeo Ramuzen Odeo
261 · 2 · CZ
Electro House
Latest release 4 weeks ago
Phunk Jamz Recordings Phunk Jamz Recordings
2 · CZ
Latest release 1 month ago
Dark Beauty Dark Beauty
6,238 · 11 · CZ
Trance, Techno
Latest release 10 months ago
Apparently, dark beauty matters to you. We are pleased to meet you! We are a label/collective in the making, where re-posts and plays are less important than - YOU! You have a dark, yet beautiful track, that matters to you? 1. You want to release a track with us: Your demos are very welcome at demo@darbkbeauy.net 2. You want an exclusive premiere: send a link to a streaming version for consideration to premieres@darkbeauty.net
Kiosek Records Kiosek Records
703 · 2 · CZ
Latest release 1 year ago
We are from Prague and we love deep breaks and tech sounds.
Soul Fly Music Records Soul Fly Music Records
1,303 · 2 · CZ
Tech House, Minimal
Latest release 5 years ago
Soul Fly Music Records is new CZ label, which is focused on actual minimal tech house music. Our main target is to always bring new, fresh and first-class quality music to you with actual minimal tech house sounds from new, but also from well-known world producers. Every month you can enjoy new release full of great music. You can be sure that we have already prepared true music master pieces. All our tracks are mastered by proffesional masterin...
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