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Refused. Refused.
3,893 · 23 · CA
Techno, Minimal
Latest release 1 year ago
refused. is a techno label curated by Justin James, as a means to contribute to the special culture of underground music. The imprint provides an outlet to share his own music and the music of artists he admires, while also giving new artists a chance to be heard on a larger scale. The refused. sound is made up of forward thinking tunes that fall under the broad guise of techno.
Groove N Dark Groove N Dark
202 · 11 · CA
Techno, House
Latest release 1 year ago
Techno/house label dedicated to music that makes you want to dance
Strange Town Recordings Strange Town Recording...
2,498 · 12 · CA
Latest release 1 year ago
Montreal based record label + event promoter.
Aquaregia Aquaregia
2,416 · 15 · CA
Latest release 1 year ago
Aquaregia is a techno label founded in Toronto, Canada and currently based in Berlin. The label’s catalogue is defined by a signature sound of deep hypnotic techno instilled with acid bass-lines and spacey musical elements. With a heavy emphasis on 303-esque sounds, Aquaregia acts as a platform for innovative artists creating unique music and who have an affinity for acid.
Fall From Grace Records Fall From Grace Record...
76 · 11 · CA
Techno, Progressive House
Latest release 1 year ago
Flashing lights, bellowing rave sirens, sweat dripping off the rafters - and the music…… Historical beat rhythms juxtaposed with metallic synth riffs… Classical arrangements built within a club sensibility… All of us connected in a big dark room and feeding off each other's primal energies through the music. In the daylight we shine, but come nightfall, we fall from grace. We enter into the netherworlds of electronic composition and forward think...
My Favorite Robot Records My Favorite Robot Reco...
25,310 · 36 · CA
Deep House, Tech House
Latest release 2 years ago
Electro/Techno/Tech-House label, initially digital only, founded in 2008 by Canadian producer duo My Favorite Robot aka Jared Simms & Voytek Korab. Later they were joined by James Teej.
Main Course Main Course
51,336 · 27 · CA
Electro House
Latest release 1 year ago
Main Course is operated by Neoteric, Astronomar & Bot106.
Heist Mode Heist Mode
7 · CA
Latest release 1 year ago
A techno record label founded by the Canadian artist Barbosa.
Pineapple Digital Pineapple Digital
10 · CA
Latest release 1 year ago
Pineapple Digital is a record label dedicated to serving the avid listeners of authentic progressive house, DJ’s in the authentic progressive scene, and connect them with some of the brightest and most talented artists in the progressive, deep, melodic, and trance areas. In the evolving landscape that is the electronic music scene, industry veteran of 35+ years Dave Pineda has put together a roster of top-tier talent to give the community the t...
Vibrancy Vibrancy
6 · CA
Tech House
Latest release 1 year ago
Radon Recordings Radon Recordings
3,360 · 16 · CA
Pop, Indie Dance
Latest release 1 year ago
We are a family of amazing producers, staff, fans and everything in between. We strive to bring you high quality electronic music, while giving producers a platform to release music on. Join our Discord server for updates, news, and to hang out: discordapp.com/invite/jV4aQRh Follow the Radon Recordings Spotify playlists Top Picks 2018: goo.gl/rSSFNH Artist Spotlight: goo.gl/ym8HH1 2018 Discography: goo.gl/8ngYsj
LFTD Recordings LFTD Recordings
6,717 · 6 · CA
Latest release 1 year ago
We are the open-minded ambassadors of a new era embracing technology. With over 10 years of experience in the music industry we’ve developed a community of artists with a variety of skills. We operate by collaborating and inspiring our local arts community. We are made up of like-minded, kind, ambitious individuals that are not constricted by any binding characteristics. We integrate the arts community with our LFTD Lifestyle by producin...
Substation Recordings Substation Recordings
5 · CA
Latest release 1 year ago
Western Canadian House Music.
The Factoria (Factomania) The Factoria (Factoman...
292 · 5 · CA
Tech House
Latest release 1 year ago
Factomania Group is the company owned by Wally Lopez.
Tasty Bytes Records Tasty Bytes Records
7 · CA
Techno, Progressive House
Latest release 1 year ago
Tasty Bytes Records, managed by Alice And The Serial Numbers and Omni, is banging tasty tracks since 2008. With artists and remixers such as Valerna, Francis, Les Limaces, Nite Cells, Nick Bugayev, Uktu S., Aniki, Costello, Dopefish, Whiskey Pete and much more!
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