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United Kingdom. 2017 – present
ASTIR - A place where the artists could build a community; a place of shared ideas and off the cuff collaborations. A place where the art of music would not be lost, giving way to mass media marketing and watering down of ideas for mass consumer consumption. A record label you can once again trust to weed out the mediocre and deliver time and again GREAT music. A label by DJs, for DJs and the music-loving public.
Electronica, Progressive House, Techno
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Latest Releases
The Abyss
2020-07-03 Get on Beatport
True Nature
2020-06-19 Get on Beatport
Beatz EP Remixes
2020-06-05 Get on Beatport
Horizon (Original Mix)
2020-05-22 Get on Beatport
Beatz EP
2020-05-01 Get on Beatport
2020-04-03 Get on Beatport
The Sound of ASTIR Part 2
2020-02-21 Get on Beatport
2020-02-21 Get on Beatport
The Sound of ASTIR Part 1
2020-02-17 Get on Beatport
Movements Vol 2
2019-12-16 Get on Beatport