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Yeiskomp Velocity Yeiskomp Velocity
2,919 · 16 · NL
Breaks, Psy-Trance
Latest release 2 days ago
Yeiskomp Velocity (Yeiskomp Records) - sub-label, specializes in producing music in the EDM-genre: Uplifting Trance, Vocal Trance, Progressive House and derivatives... Yeiskomp Records collaborates with other labels and distributors, helping to promote quality music with powerful resources such as a website, YouTube-channel, groups in Facebook and other. Yeiskomp Records gathers to its ranks only the best musicians and singers from around the...
Elektroshok Records Elektroshok Records
20,349 · 12 · ES
Latest release 1 day ago
Bass Music Label Since 2009. Michael White & Jose Carlos Aguilar
Welcome Music Welcome Music
1,207 · 5 · RU
Progressive House, Breaks
Latest release 1 day from now
«Welcome Music» is record label from Russia, founded by Arseniy Somotov (a.k.a. Digital Department) and Igor Kordyukov in January 2014. «Welcome Music» is an evolution project from «Welcome Music Promo Group». More than 60 different parties with popular musicians/DJs/producers from Europe and Russia have been organized for the last 8 years. We are currently preparing for the release of original works and remixes by a wide range of artists from ar...
InBeatWeTrust Music InBeatWeTrust Music
5,759 · 3 · RU
Latest release 1 week from now
We are a new independent label run out of St-Petersburg, Russia, specialising in broken rhythms and basically in breaks music. Since 1999 IBWT crew has been promoting breaks and organising various parties in Saint-Petersburg and other cities of Russia. In 2000 we started a series of parties under the name of 'In Beat We Trust'. Since then, growing up with every minute, we did an immeasurable contribution to Russian dance music scene and captur...
83 83
1,370 · 2 · ES
Latest release 1 day ago
Label founded by Guau hosting the discovery of emerging and established talented artists.
Reminescence Reminescence
12 · 8 · MX
Progressive House, Breaks
Latest release 2 weeks ago
As in the essence of the first feelings the spirit rising to the level of bliss each time we go back to a memory of that first moment it might be a party moment or a simple musical moment that is the real soul of "Reminescence" in that frequencies we like to make a connection with your body and soul combined with new fresh sounds from producers all over the world to tell our stories with this music. Reminescence.mx Website: buff.ly/2YiIr4B F...
Nahual Records Nahual Records
1,155 · 4 · ES
Drum & Bass, Breaks
Latest release 1 week ago
Nahual Records was born based on social displeasure. This is a fight against tyranny, ignorance and fear. It`s spiritual men and women´s music. It´s consciousness men and women´s music. It´s also for men and women with their beating hearts, so the rhythm will join us into a big family that is what we already are.
Renegade Alien Records Renegade Alien Records
661 · 6 · US
Breaks, Techno
Latest release 4 days ago
Renegade Alien Records Is an , multi genre, digital label. We are featured on over 400 digital download sites worldwide including all of the heavy hitters such as: Beat Port, Audio Jelly, I-Tunes, and Drum & Bass Arena. Your music will be in the face of every DJ or fan looking for music. We represent producers from all over the world, and stop at nothing to have their tracks heard by all. We utilize the same distribution house as some of t...
Gigabeat Records Gigabeat Records
2,717 · 6 · US
Latest release 5 days ago
We are a mainly Dance Music oriented label. We love it all and share it with you.
Spektra Recordings Spektra Recordings
5,711 · 5 · ES
Latest release 5 days ago
Spektra Recordings is a Spanish electronic music label dedicated to "Bass Music", but our first style is the Breaks sound. This label born in 2008 and publish the music from artists around the world.
Rune Recordings Rune Recordings
5,049 · 8 · UA
Latest release 1 week ago
◉ RUNE recordings is the Ukrainian/American image digital label, working in such styles of electronic music as psy-breaks, nuskool breaks, atmospheric & progressive breaks. ◉ The main goal of label is releasing of high quality music and satisfying the tastes of the Listeners. The label sticks to modern trends of breaks music and also wants to give the style their recognizable accent. ◉ Idea and concept of RUNE are in the profound sound of...
Strongs Records Strongs Records
6 · ES
Breaks, Glitch Hop
Latest release 1 week ago
Subkultur Subkultur
226 · 24 · DE
Techno, Breaks
Latest release 2 years ago
Subkultur is a Record Label, independent Publishing Company & Multimedia Art Studio based in Berlin. Our sonic spectrum surrounding underground techno, hypnotic wave, industrial rhythmic, offbeat, harsh noise, power electronics & cutting-edge experimental electronic music. We seeking all time new talents, feel free to send us your demos! E-mail: hello@subkulturrecords.com Phone: +49 176 67847442 LabelCode: 57960 Worldwide Distributio...
trackIDpls trackIDpls
397 · 2 · DE
Techno, Breaks
Latest release 2 months ago
Record label from Kassel, Germany. At the meta level, generalizations and general structures of the object of the underlying structure are usually made objects.
Machine Voice Label Machine Voice Label
27 · 11 · RU
Drum & Bass, Breaks
Latest release 1 year ago
Young sub label aimed at the implementation of quality music of the genre Drum & Bass and Break Beat. One of the main goals of the label is the promotion of musicians and their creativity. The music produced by the label can appeal not only to fans of Drum & Bass and Break Beat, but also to DJs who can use it for their professional purposes.
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