Music High Court Music High Court
55 likes · US
Dubstep, Electronica
Latest release 1 week from now
Electronic music Record Label, Tastemaker and Live Experience brand pushing and showcasing emerging sounds & artists to help people discover fresh music worth their attention. Stream all our releases here:
Kinphonic Kinphonic
39 likes · UK
Dubstep, Drum & Bass
Latest release 19 hours ago 18,423
Established 2015: Kinphonic has become a home & platform some of the biggest rising stars & talent in the music industry today. Working as one cohesive unit, Kinphonic offers much more than general Management & Booking tools. We believe in the artists, recognizing and assisting in unlocking full potential.
Simplify Recordings Simplify Recordings
56 likes · US
Glitch Hop, Dubstep
Latest release 3 weeks from now 37,405
Record Label specializing in Future Bass Sounds / Launched in 2009 by Aaron Simpson.
Viper Recordings Viper Recordings
39 likes · UK
Latest release 1 week from now 119,058
Since its inception in 2004 by Futurebound, Viper Recordings has become a powerhouse in the Drum & Bass scene and has been responsible for releasing some of the biggest dancefloor hits of the past decade. Viper’s current roster of artists includes: Matrix & Futurebound, Brookes Brothers, The Prototypes, InsideInfo, Cyantific, Smooth, Koven, Six Blade, Trei, BMotion, and Cynematic.
Play Me Records Play Me Records
36 likes · US
Latest release 3 weeks from now
Founded by Reid Speed & Alexander Rosson
EDM Industry EDM Industry
11 likes · UZ
Electro House, Dubstep
Latest release 2 days from now 88
EDM Industry is a digital record label powered by See The Sea Records & SULTVN in 2019 which releases a mainstream and bass music (Trap, Future House, Future Bass, Bass House, Big Room). Send your best demos to us, we are always listening and will answer as soon as possible. Our mail:
Monstercat Monstercat
289 likes · CA
Dubstep, House
Latest release 3 days ago 1,046,561
Monstercat (formerly known as Monstercat Media) is a Canadian-based independent electronic dance musicrecord label located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The label was founded in July 2011 by Mike Darlington CEO, and Ari Paunonen, COO. Monstercat signs artists for releases only, rather than longterm exclusivity deals, which lets its artists retaincopyright control of their song and the ability to release tracks on other record labels. The label...
Unify Music Unify Music
6 likes · UK
House, Dubstep
Latest release 1 week from now 1
Unify Music is a UK Based record label for electronic musicians across the globe, We started off as a music community beginning of 2019, since then we have grown significantly, promoting big artists on our youtube channel, and recently becoming a record label which distributes your music to 800+ stores worldwide with our distributor, we are ready to take your music to the next level Contact for submitting demos to...
Dirty Beatz Records Dirty Beatz Records
16 likes · SE
House, Dubstep
Latest release 1 week from now 321
Dirty Beatz Records Our main focus is hiphop, trap,dubstep,glitch and house music. Mainly heavy dirty beatz!! Our goal is to find new talent all around the world and release it to everyone to hear ! So far we been lucky to work with producers in Italy, USA, Sweden, Thailand, Lithuania,UK and Australia to mention a few since the start in the fall of 2012. This is the future of music.
Den Haku Records Den Haku Records
39 likes · JP
Electro House, Dubstep
Latest release 1 week ago 14,324
Den Haku Records is an independent record label based in Tokyo, Japan, created in 2012 by Naeleck: pioneer of the electro trash scene. He created Den Haku in order to promote this underground music style and help Asian artists get more visibility in the west.
Barong Family Barong Family
144 likes · NL
Electro House, Dubstep
Latest release 4 days ago 164,909
Amsterdam based record label by Yellow Claw.
Full Flex Audio Full Flex Audio
18 likes · UK
Dubstep, Drum & Bass
Latest release 1 week ago 7,623
Full Flex Audio is an independent record label, based in the United Kingdom. Established in 2015, the main goal of FFA is to drive the underground sound of dubstep and many other genres, onto the major platforms and give up and coming artists a chance to shine.
45 likes · NL
Future House, Dubstep
Latest release 2 weeks ago 1,105
Set to make its mark on the world of dance music on its own terms. Expect a slew of club-smashing productions from talented artists all over the globe. Quality matters. Genres do not…
Graveyard Beats Graveyard Beats
7 likes · US
Hard Dance, Dubstep
Latest release 4 days ago 304
Our mission is to give up-and-coming musicians a platform to share their music. We strive to help our artists grow, learn and interact with each other. We are not a label that releases one of your songs and then you never hear from us again. We will do all we can to get your music heard and help you grow as an artist. We encourage collaborations by helping you get in touch with other artists on the label. Do you have a song that needs vocals? May...