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Voodoo and Prayers

Spain. 2018 – present
We intend to find music of quality, of imagination, with groove and with inspiration. To uplift the soul, to allow you to feel a higher frequency and to join together in dance.

To believe in something is to live, the intention is healing and medicine. All religions and belief structures use intention or prayers as a way of healing. All believe in drums, rhythm or music to uplift the soul, all believe in either gathering together or finding solace alone. This begins to sound a lot like a music lover, a raver, a dancer, a gathering of like-minded people all wanting to feel and be healed by a wave of music.

​Slot us into whichever genre you wish to label us with, but know we are just about music that makes you feel and inspires people to come together.
House, Deep House, Techno, Tech House, Electronica
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