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Antwerp, Belgium. 2019 – present

= It matters little whether you are an artist or a visitor, the love for music is the unifying factor =

We are a magazine & record label dedicated to quality underground electronic music. We do not look for just any music or anyone, we are looking for music, and people who create memorable experiences, that inspires and invokes emotion. Let's create timeless music.

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Deep House, Progressive House, Techno, Tech House, Afro House
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Latest Releases
Stelarik - Phantom EP (incl Pedro Sanmartin remix)
2020-07-30 Get on Beatport
Here comes a revelation. This duo, Stelarik, create a mix of organic elements from progressive house and melodic techno in their sound.

The Stelarik sound comes from the mixture of the many of analog synthesizers from Moog, Roland, etc.. In interaction with this are the many drones and atmospheres to create this outer space, dystopian kind of style.

Phantom is like Hellraiser. Once you're hooked, it will tear you apart. No escape possible. It's a well-orchestrated progressive-house workout that will smash you in the face after the piano intermezzo and lift you up until you feel no more pain.

Empress is no lesser groove. A catchy bass line will pull you in while it gets enforced by a strong melodic and pulsating groove. Adding some bombastic sounds near the break, make this one is a workout for those wide-eyed, hands up in the air moments. Peak time galore!
Spanish master, Pedro Sanmartin already has a nice track record with releases on Univack records, NoStyleIsStyle, and more. He is in control of a remix for Empress. Adding his own flair and touch to create this amazing spaced-out version.

donnerstag & Thomas Naenen - Techno ID
2020-07-09 Get on Beatport
American producer donnerstag is back on Tanzgemeinschaft with a strong collaboration. This time he invited Belgian talent Thomas Naenen for a great workout.

Underpinned by glitchy percussion and insistent kick "Techno ID" resounds to a pulsating groove.

donnerstag's "Harder Faster 5am Rework" is a hyperactive affair that'll light up discerning dance floors.

With "Hit That" they go down a darker, techier path, toughening up with flurry of acid and suspenseful motifs. Adding rough-edged vocals for a sinister tough.

VA - Hier Kommt Die Parade #1
2020-06-18 Get on Beatport
Tanzgemeinschaft wants to stand for quality music. We do not look for just music but want memorable experiences. One can judge differently, but the slightest part in a track can cause great euphoria.

Here is our first VA compilation in which we give up and coming talents a chance to be heard.

Funk Tribu's 'A N H I L A' is one melodramatic journey filled with bombastic grooves, emotional layers and enough juice to get you sweating on the floor. This is one for the early morning hours. That peak time moment in de middle of the track will raise some goosebumps.

Godinbols is one hell of a master. His first production is an energetic and uptempo cut. The kind of hypnotic, looped riffs in this workout will tease you towards euphoria.

Alex Ledov takes you on a riveting oriental journey with his late-night delight 'Anesthesia'. A blissed-out and wobbly tune bring out that wide-eyed feeling and instant smile.

'Wheel of time' from Ginelio continues where Alex Ledov left off. Glorifying moments packed in one track. Melodic house for slinky dance moves.

Le Roy is back again on the label. This time he's here with 'Wrong for me'. A track that pushes the energy. House vibes on the edges and a banging rhythmic groove and catchy vocals for the win!

Belgian duo Tweaken joined forces with Brussels-based Karo V on 'Nova' on this hotly swung groove. Shuffling basslines, shimmering waves of synths, and morphed vocals.

Long time friends, Nairobi-based Imran Mwangi and Brussels-based DJ and producer Amare team up on 'Liberaj'. A percussion-driven up-tempo and tech-tinged workout. Michelle Uziel's hypnotizing vocals add a haunting dimension to the track.

This VA compilation is all about smiling positivity from start to finish. Pick your favourite(s).
Imran Mwangi - Happy Music EP (incl Amare remix)
2020-05-21 Get on Beatport
Tanzgemeinschaft wants to stand for quality music. We do not look for just music but want memorable experiences. One can judge differently, but the slightest part in a track can cause great euphoria.

With Nairobi-based DJ and Producer, Imran Mwangi, we'll have another great debut on our label. For this release, we'll step away from the atmospheric and melodic techno that we have been releasing so far. Imran Mwangi delivers 2 warm and deep dreamy grooves with a housy edge.

The title track is a blissed-out sunset-ready dreaminess cut with well used vocal samples keeping it smooth and groovy. Think warming, mood-enhancing chords and a groovy rhythm.

Brussels-based versatile talent Amare adds her flair to "Happy Music". She created a breezy deep house version with loved-up electronic motifs, keeping the grooviness of the original.

"Elementaita" sticks with the pace and smoothness of "Happy Music". An easy-going beat and rhythm, keeping it dreamy.

Are you ready for 3 slinky dance floor grooves?

Meditation/Low Pressure
2020-04-23 Get on Beatport
donnerstag & MOSSA - Ra
2020-03-26 Get on Beatport
North South Project - Phoenix (incl EKDK remix)
2020-02-27 Get on Beatport
et again, a debut on Tanzgemeinschaft. German duo North South Project is here with their techy excursion. A vocal track called "Phoenix".

The tile track resounds to rolling grooves, dramatic chord surges, demanding vocals and melancholic melodies that swirl through the ether. The formidable pair created an awesome original.

We've asked the Spanish duo EKDK to have a go with the original and they came back with a mind-bending workout as a result. It builds and drops seamlessly, making for a stretch that will work well in peak time situations.

Are you ready for an excursion in slinky and enchanting night moves?

Bouzidi - Lazy Monday
2020-01-23 Get on Beatport
Simpatiek - Auwey EP (incl BinaryFunction remix)
2019-11-28 Get on Beatport
Aya.B - Red Lights EP (incl Zee Essential & KxL remix)
2019-10-24 Get on Beatport