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Spain. 2019 – present
It is a electronic music label that represents quality and originality always designed for the most demanding dancefloor, supported by great artists this label begins with great strength and impact on the scene of electronic music with a dominant presence of avant-garde sounds.
Progressive House, Techno, Electronica
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Latest Releases
2020-04-23 Get on Beatport
2020-04-16 Get on Beatport
2020-04-09 Get on Beatport
SYNTHOPIA - Nasser Tawfik, Sione (SP)
Release 14 of Sinedie Records brings the collaboration of Nasser Tawfik & Sione (SP), authors of 'Synthopia EP' is an EP that combines all these techno-melodic features, adding the plus of progressive house goes into a deeper and darker terrain, creating a complete and dynamic track for the dance floor.
2020-04-02 Get on Beatport
Wake Up - Marco Bedini
Marco Bedini is in charge of signing Sinedie Records' 13th release. With 'Wake Up EP' he shows two effective tools on the dance floors. Melodic techno with analog flavor plus tone changes that reinforce the emotion of this track called Wake Up, with 2 Original Mix & Club Mix versions.
Wake Up
2020-03-26 Get on Beatport
Sinedie Records brings the reference Nº12 from the hand of Gorkiz one of the consolidated producers in the scene with an EP called Mind Scluptor, a progressive melodic track accompanied by 2 great remixes from the hand of Nasser Tawfik & Baset.
Mind Sculptor
2020-03-19 Get on Beatport
Dark Passion Affairs
2020-03-12 Get on Beatport