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Rome, Italy. 2016 – present
Plast Records is a dynamic, independent Italian record label. In essence, Plast Records means the realization of projects related to the world of music radio and DJ's at 360-degree.

Whether musical productions, remixes, arrangement, mixing and mastering of audio tracks, jingles production, mixed commercials or programs... Plast Records offers all its experience and professionalism. But not only that, a complete set of services to follow and give an extra chance. The team engages in scouting, in the promotion and then in the development of artists: producers, djs, singers, rappers.

Plast Records analyzes and researches daily listening to new expressions in the field of dance music, in multiple fronts that caress both the undisputed supremacy in the purely club sector, and in pop or commercial circles. The productions range towards all musical genres, even though the main market is always dance music.

The label reserves the right to produce the catalog at its discretion, in physical or digital format, distributing it in all the best digital stores in the world such as: iTunes, Beatport, JunoDownload, Emusic, Spotify, Google play, Amazon and many others.
Electronica, Dance, Techno
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