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Guadalajara, Mexico. 2019 – present
Null is an electronic music label based on the creation of cutting-edge sounds through the use of hardware and digital technology; an exploration of sounds, textures, images and emotions generated from human-machine interaction and the manipulation of voltage and binary information resulting in a multisensory experience.

The label´s aesthetic universe manifesto combines a variety of sounds and musical styles synthesized in audiovisual polyphonies that mutate in perpetual search of transmedia pieces, experimental films, sound dissection, and whole set of sophisticated projects that touch the limits of the sensitive.

Their artists navigate paths of free exploration where the objective is to encourage the listener to question his active relationship as a member of a tripartite communication between Artist-Medium-User which motivates disruptive results between any of the 3 involved.

The signature of the label is consolidated by different composition profiles, instrumentalisation methods and complex sound production which give absolute value to its concept. Null propose an infinite range of sounds textures and narrative´s forms.

Each of the pieces that make up its catalogue are the result of a curatorial process based on the search for alternative narratives and unique sounds that succeed in projecting the dna of the label.
Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica
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Latest Releases
2020-06-08 Get on Beatport
Power Exchange
2020-05-04 Get on Beatport
Meat Eater
2020-04-20 Get on Beatport
Green Eclipse
2020-04-06 Get on Beatport
INIT 1 presents its second release in Null recs which has 3 powerful tracks full of dark, acid & dense elements with a contrasted mix. The EP is called Ater, which is the ancient Roman way of referring to the color black (for them it was like matte black). The songs have more to do with the concept around black, elegance, minimalism and it's also a tribute to the night, the party and the darkness.

According to INIT1 it's a concept around black, darkness, the night party and techno that in general is dark. That's why he included Malware II, a Malware is kind of a virus, something malicious that is usually also related to the darkness, also the Low end (that in the histogram of photography are located where the black are) are higher and more enveloping.
2020-03-09 Get on Beatport
Time within the sound space creates a form of expression focused on the dance floor Nights of murderous vampires flow to the rhythm of time an ep in which the voltages are present as a protagonist immersed in the acid. We are so honoured to present the new material from Armando and his transhuman electronic machines.
2020-02-17 Get on Beatport
All of them Witches
Night rites, evil invocations and concupiscent feasts pleasing ancient deities, the seed of evil incarnates in an innocent womb, a dawn in the middle of the night.

Alpha+ delivers two songs taken from the bowels of a dark cave like the soundtrack of some Lovecraft story. This is Alpha+'s second release on Null recs and this time the producer explores a different sound from ''Binary Chronicles'', his first EP on the Mexican label.

'All Of Them Witches' has a nostalgic sound loaded with warm analog sound pads and classic 80s drum machines rhythms, ideal for listening or for the dance floor.
All Of Them Witches
2020-02-03 Get on Beatport