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Denver, United States. 2019 – present
An Nfynia Music Record Label. Techno | House | Dance

Music can change your mood, paint your experiences, and color your memories. Here at Nfynia we believe that the right music can have a powerful influence and understand that it means different things to different people. Nfynia Music was built on that exact premise, with the goal of supporting musical talent the world would enjoy, love, and never forget.
Techno, House, Dance, Tech House, Progressive House
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Latest Releases
Party Don't Stop (Remix)
2019-08-09 Get on Beatport
Keep Coming
2019-06-21 Get on Beatport
In the Dark
2019-06-14 Get on Beatport
Pop Pop
2019-05-17 Get on Beatport
Party Don't Stop
2019-05-10 Get on Beatport
Never Give Up
2019-02-15 Get on Beatport
2019-02-08 Get on Beatport
Night Ride
2019-02-01 Get on Beatport
2019-02-01 Get on Beatport
In Da Club
2018-09-21 Get on Beatport