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Netherlands. 2016 – present
Music label with the focus on chill out, lounge, ambient, yoga, zen, mindfulness and other relaxation music genres.
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Latest Releases
Temple of Rebirth (Relaxing Music for Reiki and Meditation)
2019-11-08 Get on Beatport
Healing Sounds of Lourdes (Healing Music Selected by Dr. J. James)
2019-07-29 Get on Beatport
Pure Relaxation (The Finest Chill Out, Lounge and Ambient Music)
2019-06-03 Get on Beatport
Music for Spa & Wellness (Relaxing Music for Mind, Body and Soul)
2019-05-27 Get on Beatport
Mountain Breeze, Vol 2. (Relaxing Mindfulness and Zen Music)
2019-03-11 Get on Beatport
Cafe De Chillout (Relaxing Chillout, Ambient and Lounge Music)
2019-03-04 Get on Beatport
Mindfulness 2019 (The Finest Music for Relaxation, Reiki and Meditation)
2019-01-21 Get on Beatport
Ultimate Yoga Music (Relaxing Ambient Music for Mind and Soul)
2018-12-10 Get on Beatport
Just Chill (Relaxing Chillout and Lounge Music)
2018-11-16 Get on Beatport
Pure Zen (The Finest Music for Relaxation, Reiki and Meditation)
2018-11-09 Get on Beatport