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United States. 1998 – present
Hijacked Records Detroit is a label that continues to pay homage to that telltale sound Detroit is best known for. Label owner Antwon Faulkner took what he learned being born and raised in Detroit and directed his efforts to shine through a brand known as Hijacked Records Detroit. While gaining publicity most notably from throwing parties and events, Hijacked maintains a presence in the techno community and remains a label on the tips of the tongues of people in the industry. Watching the birth of the Detroit techno movement and adding his own flavor to that techno style, Antwon is well respected by well-known Detroit techno pioneers as well as reminiscent techno heads from back in the day when music and the quality thereof, was the primary focus. Hijacked continues on its journey through space and time, evolving, and embracing what new technology has to offer yet never forgetting or disrespecting the roots from which it came.
Techno, Tech House
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