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Groningen, Netherlands. 2018 – present
Black Mirror Recordings is a techno label based in Groningen, the Netherlands. The label was founded by Fabian Sietsema. The label is mainly focusing on techno, but we also welcome deep house. The goal of the label is top spread high-quality techno music, and to connect people who love great underground music. Besides, we want to serve people our own best techno songs and deep house tracks. We also want to help and promote upcoming artists, who produce high quality techno tracks. In the future we also want to organize label nights and inform people about the best techno songs of this moment. We will publish Q&A’s with artists and we have plans to create much more interesting content for our growing community.
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Latest Releases
Slow Down
2019-10-14 Get on Beatport
2019-09-30 Get on Beatport
Dobchinsky - Cloud
Ready for some soulful house? Good! Dobchinsky is a musical project of three people from Moscow. 'Our music combines electronic sounds with the live sound of an electric violin, bass guitar and percussion, in styles such as Lounge, Funk, Chillout, Indie'. And that is exactly what you will hear in Cloud.
2019-09-23 Get on Beatport
Callum Murray - Call To Arms (EP)
Dark and bass filled beats with moody and melodic breakdowns make up the defining characteristics of this EP. Definitely one for the clubs!

'This is the style that has become my signature sound, although I'd like to branch out and experiment with different styles also. Legion & Halo are meant for prime-time sets, when you want to see everybody's hands in the air. That's exactly what I've done with the third track Pollination. I made Pollination with a more mellow sound in mind, while still maintaining a big kick and bass. It's a track to either kick of the night or maybe to play in an afterparty set. Something for every occasion, that's what I like in an EP and that's what I've tried to archieve with this record'.
Call To Arms
2019-09-09 Get on Beatport
Tensive Line - Time And Space (EP)
Time and Space will be the first EP Tensive Line will release on the label Black Mirror Recordings. The EP is characterized by strong basslines and melodic arps, a typical trademark of Tensive Line's style. The track Time and Space is a very deep song, in which the bass plays a very important role. Acid on the Beach is produced in succession of Time and Space. In this track a lot more toms are used, and combined with the acid arp the scene is set for a very danceable track. In the third track Oblivion, Tensive Line turns to a darker style of techno. This track is recognized by a number of pads, which give the track a very dreamy vibe. Finally, the EP is concluded by the track Bottles with Acid. The BPM of this track is turned up a bit, which makes this track extremely suitable for hard sets and massive parties.
Time & Space
2019-08-12 Get on Beatport
Isolated System - Morro Branco
Morro Branco is the second track by Isolated System that will be released on the label Black Mirror Recordings. The track is made after Isolated System returned from his trip to Brazil. Morro Branco is a beautiful place on the northern shore of Brazil, where you will find nice white beaches, dunes, palm trees and a lot of sun. The track tries to capture the feelings he got while he was enjoying his journey and the influences of the scenery. Close your eyes and let yourself go on this awesome deep house record.
Morro Branco
2019-07-15 Get on Beatport