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United States. 2017 – present
While riding mopeds through busy Bali intersections, one half of this duo was intrigued by an Indonesian word that appeared on almost every street corner – “Warung.” Meaning “small family-run business,” it quickly became apparent how intrinsic these Warungs were to the culture: self made, the lifeline of the family, and an ever-lasting legacy to carry forth, that legacy has cemented itself in the record label:
Beyond The Gates Records, the imprint of DJ Production Duo: Warung, building it's identity off the ever evolving deeper reaches of dance music.
Progressive House, Techno, Deep House
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Scoot & Tangle
Beyond The Gates 01:
Artist: Warung
Album: Scoot & Tangle
Scoot & Tangle
2018-12-21 Get on Beatport