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Ireland. 2020 – present
Advanced Music is a Dublin, Ireland based Techno record label managed/owned by Patrick Dandoczi.

The goal of Advanced Music is to deliver great Techno sounds (of all kinds) from artists all across the world the rules are simple if we enjoy your music we will release it.

Requirements for demos:

- Keep it underground.

- Absolutely no cheesy tunes should be sent.

- Have a listen to our releases before sending demos.

- We accept Techno in any form
Examples: Dark Techno, Acid Techno, Groovy Techno, Detroit Techno, Hard Techno and more as long as we enjoy it there are no boundaries to the genre.

- Even if your sound is a bit different from our latest releases do be encouraged to send your demo if you meet the requirements.

Demo Submissions: advancedmusicdub@gmail.com
Please send your demos as private Soundcloud links only!
Techno, Hard Techno
Demo email to A&R:
Booking artists:
+353 83 304 2420
Links in web
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Latest Releases
Zwanzig E.P
2020-10-14 Get on Beatport
I'm On It EP
2020-08-12 Get on Beatport
Minds Eye E.P
2020-05-25 Get on Beatport
Nuclear Fusion E.P
2020-03-24 Get on Beatport