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Logroño, Spain. 2016 – present
Its a open genere digital label created by the producer Oliver K , who taked part in the foundation of the label re-start records (progressive) and stay many years on it. After this experience he decided create is own label on 2016.
You can find on it different kind of tracks: house, deep house, techno, tech house...
The pourpose is to enrich the electronic escene and discover and promote emerging artist.
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Latest Releases
Brightness (Original Mix)
2020-02-28 Get on Beatport
Route to Paradise (Original Mix)
2020-02-20 Get on Beatport
Just in Case (Original Mix)
2020-01-22 Get on Beatport
Spectrum (Original Mix)
2020-01-16 Get on Beatport
2016-04-29 Get on Beatport
2016-02-26 Get on Beatport
Going To...
2016-02-25 Get on Beatport
2016-02-25 Get on Beatport
2016-01-22 Get on Beatport
Underground (Original Mix)
2016-01-06 Get on Beatport