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Avocaudio Avocaudio
7,494 · 11 · US
Reggae, Dubstep
Latest release 2 days ago
Avocaudio is the brainchild and digital label of internationally acclaimed DJ/Producer Roommate (Justin McCauley). The concept behind the label is to create a release platform for talented artists and friends to put forth what they feel is a direct musical representation of themselves. Avocaudio encompasses many different styles of music and continues to evolve with each release. You can always expect a well produced and original product from eve...
Miniaturesrec Miniaturesrec
1,064 · 7 · IT
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 5 days ago
The word can be read up and down and it is mirror-like compared to the vertical symmetry axis. The evocative sense of the word “Miniatures” referring to the past and that one of the record label referring to the present agree in a sign based on the symmetry, balance and synthesis principles that take suggestion by Taonism philosophy... according to which the universe exists in a dynamic condition of equilibrium that flows back and runs with the i...
Leyko Records Leyko Records
45 · 3 · US
Techno, House
Latest release 3 years ago
The label is educated in 2013, the young DJ and the producer of Leyko Dmitry(frEEl). Specializes in such directions as: House, Electro House, Dutch House, Progressive House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and others. The label gains popularity every day, is the partner of a popular label and the PROTON service. Always the freshest, qualitative, positive music. Any who will contact this label, will be very happy, after all only to us the destiny of our mus...
Colored Nature Recordings Colored Nature Recordi...
64 · 1 · RU
Trance, Deep House
Latest release 5 years ago
Colored Nature Recordings is a new trance record label based in Moscow, Russia. The Label is founded by russian dj and producer Ilya Bychkov. Colored Nature releases records in fields Trance, Progressive Trance and Progressive House. The purpose of the Label is to collect and deliver only fresh and quality sounded trance music to electronic scene and clubbing community. "I had an idea to create an electronic music record label which will combin...
Divine Techno Records Divine Techno Records
714 · 6 · RU
Techno, Minimal
Latest release 7 years ago
Promote music. International project brought together a successful, interesting and talented artists from all over the world. The label, which offers a unique, an underground music angle Tech. The owner of the label intellectual and intellectual Tech and Deep Tech scene - David Divine. Projecting his international experience to DIVINE TECH records, the company is fast gaining momentum in the global music market. To date, a sub-label "Mandelstam M...
Fish Rec Fish Rec
727 · 3 · UK
Minimal, Tech House
Latest release 6 years ago
Bulldozer Records Bulldozer Records
22,013 · 10 · IT
Minimal, Techno
Latest release 7 years ago
Bulldozer Records is a techno minimal and elctronic label formed in the late 2010 by Gianliberato Battista and Dario Trapani (togheter Swallen). Based in Bologna and Palermo, is supported by many famous dj's international. Music of Bulldozer is a mix up of Minimal and Techno whit some taste of experimental sounds and melodics.
FreeSound Records FreeSound Records
110 · 4 · RU
Progressive House, Techno
Latest release 6 years ago
Seesaw Records Seesaw Records
187 · 3 · RU
Techno, Minimal
Latest release 3 months ago
Your help in promoting their own releases is very important. Use blogs, forums and social networks to advertise your release on beatport. Use the tracks in his mixes and be sure to lay out track listings mix.
ADRO Records ADRO Records
7,984 · 11 · UA
Latest release 2 weeks from now
ADRO Records is based in 2011as a part of PROTON music.
Toka Beatz Toka Beatz
8 · DE
House, Electro House
Latest release 1 year ago
Label Inhaber von Tokabeatz
Fluro Music Fluro Music
395 · 2 · RU
Minimal, Tech House
Latest release 1 year ago
Fluro Music (Proton Sound System) - лэйбл, ориентированный на выпуск качественного, экспериментального Techno и его подстилей. Мы ищем современню мелодичную, с глубоким звучанием музыку для издания и продажи в таких магазинахкак: Beatport.com, Junodownload.com, iTunes и т.д. Имеется поддержка на промо сервисе Vip Ultima и Releasepromo. Так же доступ на чартах сайта Beatport.com
microCastle microCastle
92,936 · 113 · CA
Techno, Progressive House
Latest release 1 week from now
Independent Digital | Vinyl imprint from Canada. Bringing you the best in electronic music, art and culture. Inspired by nature.
PFL Records PFL Records
1,017 · 2 · GR
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 2 years ago
PFL is an independent electronic dance music label based in Berlin - Athens ! founded by the people who try to make the meaning of the word UNIQUE as a default music point of view … PFL wishes its releases to be selected one by one , individually…. To develop in every artist and producer caries the same vision PFL Records listens to, discuss on and respects in Every Tune! However…PFL Records Tries To Make and Be A Single Id Tune…
PitchBend Recordings PitchBend Recordings
1,617 · 7 · CY
Techno, House
Latest release 8 years ago
PitchBend Recordings is an innovative record label, whose purpose is to support fresh and talented upcoming artists, and provide them with opportunities to work alongside already established names on the global electronic music scene.
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