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2 likes · ES
Electronica, Techno
Latest release 3 weeks ago
ANGWLÄR RECORDINGS is a Spanish Label of ANGWLAR artist. Melodic House and Techno / Progressive House / Indie Dance / Electronic Music 2020.
Digital Vinyl Recordings Digital Vinyl Recordin...
4 likes · US
House, Dance
Latest release 1 year ago
 DigitalVinylRecordings.com 5,231
PLEASE ONLY SEND DEMOS via STREAMING LINKS (i.e. Soundcloud, Dropbox, Wetransfer, etc)...mp3 attachments will be immediately DELETED! DVR will bring you the best of tradition and technology all in one place. Not bound by limitations of creativity or originality, but adhering to the basic elements of dance and beyond, our artists create the best underground music that is both listenable and danceable . . . In other words, it's easy on the ears...
Red Sprite Recordings Red Sprite Recordings
3 likes · US
Drum & Bass, Future Bass
Latest release 3 weeks ago
Red Sprite Recordings is a sub-label of Hydra Music Records and Connected Sounds and was founded in July 2020 by EDM artist No Kompass with a goal of providing a platform for underground artists!
Dubstep, Electro House
Latest release 9 months ago
Albom Records Albom Records
Deep House, House
Latest release no info
 albomrecords.com 3
Albom Records was founded by Marvin Shadex, an active member of the DJ duo MACHA! with releases on Sirup Music (EDX, Nora and Pure, Croatia Squand), Epic Tones Record (Pascal Junior), EMI Music ... Performed at festivals like Tomorrowland, Suikerrock ... Supported by artists like Lost Frequencies, DJ Licious, EDX .... ​ Albom Records is not a niche label. It reflects the favorite genres of music that can charm and inspire Marvin Shadex on his o...
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Latest release 1 month ago
Spanish trance label.
Deep Jam Records Deep Jam Records
3 likes · UK
Deep House
Latest release 3 weeks ago
Uk Deep Jam Records was established 2019, aiming to promote the best in Deep House and Tech Soulful music releases, Based on soulful grooves good party vibes, Created by Dj vanwells his passion for music is by fare the best in electronic music deep house, house, tech house, and soul, Deep Jam Records is dedicated to the finest in house label, I n 2015 he wanted to start a Independent Record Label for his music. By 2019 he went for it and st...
Techno Tehran Records Techno Tehran Records
3 likes · IR
Techno, Progressive House
Latest release no info
 technotehran.com 482
Techno Tehran is a Record Label based in Iran (Tehran) which has started its activity since 2017. The goal of Techno Tehran is to look for electronic music producers and talented Iranian DJs in order to form a real team based on friendship and skill. We integrate music and love and share it with electronic music lovers. Techno Tehran proudly supports artists who present their work alone in international markets to be seen more in Iran... We su...
Bots Records Bots Records
3 likes · ES
Latest release 2 months ago
 linktr.ee 24
Independent record label based in Barcelona. We're looking for artists focusing on Techno music, but you might also like our label https://labelsbase.net/bots-deluxe You can send your demos to info@botsrecords.com (SoundCloud private links). We'd love to hear from you! :)
Bots Deluxe Bots Deluxe
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Synthwave, Electronica
Latest release 1 month ago
 linktr.ee 24
Independent record label based in Stockholm, launched by Bots Records in 2020. We're looking for artists focusing on Synthwave, Electropop, Technopop/Synthpop and any other form of electronic pop music. If that's your thing, Bots Deluxe is your home :) You can send your demos to info@botsrecords.com (SoundCloud private links). We'd love to hear from you!
F2F Rcrds F2F Rcrds
2 likes · ID
House, Future Bass
Latest release 2 weeks ago
 f2f-creative.blogspot.com 13
F2F Rcrds is record label based in Indonesia. We help artist or producers to distribute and promote their music.
Tacet Nota Tacet Nota
Ambient, Electronica
Latest release no info
Independent record label Tacet Nota was created in Berlin by Burak Özdemir and Charles Klein. The releases focus on contemporary jazz, electronica, classical and baroque music.
Defective Records Defective Records
2 likes · US
Techno, Hard Techno
Latest release 3 months ago
Electronic music label based in Baltimore, USA, founded in 1994 by Dan Nigrin and Bump Stadelman. Originally started as a label for their band Glitch to release music more easily and quickly, after having already worked with legendary labels of the time including R & S, Fax, Industrial Strength, Radikal and others, it soon became home to other Baltimore acts, and later, acts from around the world. It has spawned the careers of many artists who ha...
Isai Tamil Records Isai Tamil Records
1 like · IN
Hip-Hop, Pop
Latest release no info
Label Cantroll Label Cantroll
1 like · RU
Chill Out, Downtempo
Latest release no info
 cuntroll.ru 1,067
Label Cantroll (earlier Cuntroll) — Russian music label involved in trip-hop, downtempo, ambient, abstract hip-hop releases. The label produces the most interesting material sent from both young and mature musicians. The resident team includes more than 60 bands and performs from all over the world. Among the artists can be noted the following projects — Nordgroove, Thiam, Aminolen, Asa Taura, Paradeigma, Arctic Lightz, Silent nook, Plushka, Drop...