Loudroom Recordings Loudroom Recordings
8 likes · US
Electro House, Synthwave
Latest release 2 weeks ago
Lazerdiscs Records Lazerdiscs Records
3 likes · FR
Synthwave, Glitch Hop
Latest release 3 weeks ago
FiXT Neon FiXT Neon
5 likes · US
Latest release 4 days ago 4,928
By taking a visionary stance toward synthwave and its related genres, FiXT Neon has cultivated a roster of ambitious and innovative artists who are redefining the next generation of retro synth music. Although the label embraces a diverse selection of styles, from rock-flavored tracks to atmospheric cyberpunk and sunny popwave, its artists all have one thing in common: they all make great music. FiXT Neon provides an outlet for unique, personal c...
Wave Racers Collective Wave Racers Collective
11 likes · US
Synthwave, Minimal
Latest release 1 year ago
A synthwave, vaporwave, chiptune, and experimental electronic netlabel. Based primarily on Bandcamp and our companion discord server We set out to highlight creative and innovative artists. SUBMIT HERE:
Jet Set Trash Records Jet Set Trash Records
12 likes · UK
Synthwave, Metal
Latest release 4 weeks ago 9,578
Always aiming for originality, style and quality, JST is constantly in search of groundbreaking new talent willing to push the boundaries of electronic music.
Kodamas Records Kodamas Records
Synthwave, Indie Rock
Latest release 1 month ago 5
Kodamas is a Record label born in Montréal (CA) and based in Montpellier (FR). Browse artists. Discover new music.