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Jonio Culture Jonio Culture
13 likes · IT
Reggae, Hip-Hop
Latest release 5 days ago
 jonioculture.com 10
Jonio Culture Edizioni Musicali
Avocaudio Avocaudio
11 likes · US
Reggae, Dubstep
Latest release 3 days ago
 avocaudio.com 7,482
Avocaudio is the brainchild and digital label of internationally acclaimed DJ/Producer Roommate (Justin McCauley). The concept behind the label is to create a release platform for talented artists and friends to put forth what they feel is a direct musical representation of themselves. Avocaudio encompasses many different styles of music and continues to evolve with each release. You can always expect a well produced and original product from eve...
Estashiba Music Estashiba Music
6 likes · CR
Reggae, Pop
Latest release 8 months ago
 estashibamusic.com 23
Estashiba Music. It is a music industry company founded in 2017 Cartago, Costa Rica dedicated to supporting talent in different musical genres at the Inter-national level.
Roodn Records Roodn Records
3 likes · CO
Latest release 1 year ago
 beatport.com 25
'It all starts with a track' sello discográfico ROODNRecords ©
Wakan Tanka Records Wakan Tanka Records
10 likes · SE
Hip-Hop, Reggae
Latest release 1 month ago
 wakantankaprod.com 3,733
Wakan Tanka Records is a Global Bass record label based in Malmö, Sweden.
Tropic Electric Tropic Electric
23 likes · CA
Reggae, Dance
Latest release 6 months ago
Tropic Electric is the home of IN THE DANCE, Nyanda (from Brick & Lace), The Kemist and The Wizard.
CMMG Records CMMG Records
1 like · TT
Latest release 3 months ago
 bit.ly 219
CMMG Records is a record label and media hub which has been established to develop and create a platform for artiste(s) nationally as well as regionally. Utilising this opportunity to showcase our music for fans and enthusiasts alike, We welcome you to enjoy and discover the ecosystem of Caribbean talent, via the era of internet streaming.
R3TRAP (R3sizze) R3TRAP (R3sizze)
5 likes · NL
Electronica, Reggae
Latest release 1 year ago
 soundcloud.com 10,235
R3TRAP is independent record label. It is presented bass music since 2015. A Division Of R3sizze Records.
Cell Block Studio Records Cell Block Studio Reco...
2 likes · JM
Latest release 4 years ago
Syl Gordon a renowned audio engineer has worked with artists selling more than 20 million albums and delivering more than 50 number #1 hit records. His work included credits from Shabba Ranks Grammy Winning Albums ''As Raw As Ever'' and Xtra Naked'' to Remixing with Nelly Furtado "Turn off the light". In the mid 90's,he established 321 Strong Productions which operate Cell Block Recording Studio and Cylton Music Publishing & Distribution....
Tam Tam Studio Recordings Tam Tam Studio Recordi...
1 like · IT
Chill Out, Reggae
Latest release 3 years ago
Tam Tam Studio Recordings, borned as a recording studio in 1997, to offer a different kind of services. Since the beginnings our choose was guided by an innovation spirit, human and technological. The human feel, the artist interactions, is fundamental in the creative process. During these years, a lot of artists went to record in our studios, “mainstream” or less known in the in the international panorama. We would remind you some albums realize...
Digital 6 Digital 6
2 likes · UK
Reggae, Dubstep
Latest release 5 years ago
Digital Six started in 2010 as a small label and DJ agency, they have grown massively since then and now deal with bookings for major artists and sign acts from around the world.
2 likes · AT
Latest release 5 years ago
Irievibrations Records creating good vibes since 2001.
Sunrise Of Stars Sunrise Of Stars
2 likes · VE
Electronica, Reggae
Latest release 50 years ago
Nacido bajo la creación de la pieza músical "Natural" del mismo Sunrise of Stars. Actualmente no se registran o aceptan Demos. Por favor abstenerse de enviarlos a este sello. Este Proyecto es exclusivo de Ronaldo Rodriguez para el Registro de sus propios proyectos musicales. Esperemos que en el futuro, se llegue a recibir demos.
Eiby Niall Music Entertainment US Latin Eiby Niall Music Enter...
1 like · PE
Reggae, Pop
Latest release 50 years ago
Eiby Niall Music es un sello discográfico, de los generos: Reggae, Pop, Urban, Hip-hop, Electro,...., fundada por el Compositor Antony Huaman, en el año 2016.