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Iboga Records Iboga Records
84,317 · 59 · DK
Psy-Trance, Progressive House
Latest release 1 week from now
The story of Iboga Records began in the beginning of the 90´s when an organization called “Rotundum” arranged several events in the period between 1990-97 in the greater area of Copenhagen, Denmark. Dj's Amon, Banel, and Emok were 3 of the 25 involved in the group, and after years of event organizing & performing, the idea of a Copenhagen record label, a platform for a new progressive electronic sound was beginning to take shape.
Yeiskomp Velocity Yeiskomp Velocity
2,919 · 16 · NL
Breaks, Psy-Trance
Latest release 2 days ago
Yeiskomp Velocity (Yeiskomp Records) - sub-label, specializes in producing music in the EDM-genre: Uplifting Trance, Vocal Trance, Progressive House and derivatives... Yeiskomp Records collaborates with other labels and distributors, helping to promote quality music with powerful resources such as a website, YouTube-channel, groups in Facebook and other. Yeiskomp Records gathers to its ranks only the best musicians and singers from around the...
Suanda Dark Suanda Dark
23 · RU
Trance, Psy-Trance
Latest release 5 days from now
Tech Trance & Psy Trance sublabel of Suanda Music.
Interplay Records Interplay Records
611 · 7 · RU
Trance, Psy-Trance
Latest release 5 days from now
Interplay Records is a dance music record label owned by Alexander Popov. Founded in 2017 as sub-label of the globe's biggest brand 'Armada Music', in 2020 it became an independent company hosting melodic, emotional, and quality Progressive Trance and House electronic music genres from artists all over the world.
Arkham Digital (IHU Music Group) Arkham Digital (IHU Mu...
2,828 · 15 · MX
Trance, Psy-Trance
Latest release 5 days from now
Arkham Digital is DJ Xquizit's melodic & vocal trance label which features the best artists and the best remixers. Focusing on highly melodic and especially vocal trance, Arkham Digital provides the ideal place to find some of today's and tomorrow's top artists releasing nothing but the best tunes including remixes from some trance legends. Currently with 2 ASOT Future Favorite releases plus releases with some of the industry's best artists...
Iono Music Iono Music
34,344 · 14 · DE
Latest release 5 days from now
When we started our label work we have fixed our label’s maxim: We will never release any track of music we do not really love - also when it goes into a more trendy or popular direction than that we obviously prefer. So, you may call our music progressive, psychedelic, full -on, electro, ambient, techno, house, old or new school - we simply call it high quality electronic music.
Speedsound Speedsound
37,984 · 16 · BR
Latest release 3 days ago
The Speedsound is a digital label that distributes music through the Internet sites specializing in digital download. There are over 300 sites including Beatport. Our catalog is open to all genres, his music has the quality we are happy to release.
Bakelite Bakelite
5 · MX
Psy-Trance, Downtempo
Latest release 1 week ago
BNU Records BNU Records
74 · 12 · DE
Psy-Trance, Techno
Latest release 1 month ago
BNU is an upcoming indie label and artist agency with the focus on Techno, Psytrance and PSYDM. Based on the beautiful Lake of Constance, Germany. We're always trying to unite the local DJ and producer scene and support our artists with our BNU shows.
Digital Om Digital Om
30,885 · 22 · IN
Latest release 5 days ago
OM or AUM is a sound, considered the original primordial creative expression, from which the universe manifested itself. It is said to be the sound that contains all the vibrations & sound scape. We live in a Digital Era, which is our present, it is also the way of our future. All technology works on digital encoding, signaling & programmes . Psychedelic Music is also made using softwares, digital programs & hardware that work on digital signa...
7 · US
Trance, Psy-Trance
Latest release 4 weeks ago
An Nfynia Music Record Label. Trance | Progressive | Psy Music can change your mood, paint your experiences, and color your memories. Here at Nfynia we believe that the right music can have a powerful influence and understand that it means different things to different people. Nfynia Music was built on that exact premise, with the goal of supporting musical talent the world would enjoy, love, and never forget.
Antu Records Antu Records
35,363 · 12 · CL
Latest release 5 days ago
Psy Trance label from Chile
Karma HQ Releases Karma HQ Releases
139 · 21 · IN
Hard Dance, Psy-Trance
Latest release 6 months ago
Karma HQ Releases as a Record Label Began the Journey From India with the Purpose to Deliver The Best Musics To The World with High Quality Releases! 2017 was the Year when it Officially set out for this Mission. The Supply of Great music genres like Hardstyle, Hard House, Psychedelic Trance, Electro House , Ambient and others with Cinematic Vibes is in focus of Karma HQ Releases. Karma HQ Releases also Focus with Other Genres as in HipHop/R&b &...
Solid Black Recordings Solid Black Recordings
1,996 · 20 · US
Trance, Psy-Trance
Latest release 6 months ago
Musical vehicle for all things Dark, Energetic and Bangin, we are the collaboration of underground Trance artists with a particular fondness for edgy and forward thinking sounds to light up dance floors all around the globe. We are the #SolidBlackMilitia A&R/DEMOS: Jamie Allfrey (Guilty Spark) https://twitter.com/solidblackrec Send us your demos: https://widget.demobox.co/sbr-demobox
Naturall Productions Naturall Productions
1,537 · 5 · BE
Progressive House, Psy-Trance
Latest release 5 days ago
Naturall Productions is a label based in Belgium, the key is to help young and old new talent to get a good or better products and help them to achieve goals in life. We try to help Belgian based artists in their own style. Its an Indie Electronic sound with some acoustic flavor. The goal is to have fun and produce the best records by working together and helping each other. in 2018 we are 10 years in the running, released more than 150...
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