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Substation Recordings Substation Recordings
4 · CA
Latest release 1 week ago
Western Canadian House Music.
K-Records K-Records
7 · LK
Drum & Bass, Dubstep
Latest release 2 weeks ago
K-Records is a Sri Lankan EDM record label founded in 2013 by Kavishka Dombawela
Quest'n Labels Recordings Quest'n Labels Recordi...
59 · 5 · ID
House, Dubstep
Latest release 1 year ago
Independent electronics record labels from Bali - Indoneisa
6 · 6 · IN
Dubstep, Metal
Latest release 2 years ago
Welcome to the ERROR family! We are totally focused into hard genre music. As per a Sub-Label of BID BEATS RECORDS. Our terms and conditions are same as them! . We are totally focused into hard genre music! We make the distribution of the original tracks as worldwide launch in 48 music  Stores, Including Spotify, itunes, Deezer, Saavan, Imusicia, 24x7 Entertainment, Google Play music, Beatport, Traxsource, Tencent Music and others. Hope you wou...
Phoenix Domain Phoenix Domain
187 · 4 · PT
Future House, Dubstep
Latest release 1 year ago
Devil Inside Recordings Devil Inside Recording...
92 · 4 · IN
Latest release 2 weeks ago
Devil Inside Recordings is Indian Dubstep Record Label founded by Wearesiva 2014.
5EA Drone Records 5EA Drone Records
10 · IT
Dubstep, Drum & Bass
Latest release 5 years ago
Gab Records Gab Records
5 · CO
Dubstep, Chill Out
Latest release 2 weeks ago
Gab Records es una compañia discografica independiente que comenzó en el año 2014
Marsh Records Marsh Records
55 · 8 · BR
Big Room, Dubstep
Latest release 3 weeks ago
A Marsh Records é uma gravadora do Brasil criada por JOZÜEMARSH.
Technique Recordings Technique Recordings
12 · UK
Latest release 1 month ago
Technique Podcast: http://bit.ly/techniquerepodcast
iparallels iparallels
371 · 3 · RU
Latest release 2 weeks ago
iParallels All very simply. Better us nobody our work will not execute. So it was always. Our Lebel appeared because it had to happen. We as musicians the best of all we understand desires and necessities of people busy in musical industry. Without superfluous words we declare about itself, as about the best Russian Lebel now. Company "Iparallels Records is founded and start in 2013 in Russia in city to Moscow. Initially work was oriented t...
Abducted Records Abducted Records
14,695 · 17 · US
Latest release 1 month ago
Started in 2008 by Dioptrics, Abducted Records has established themselves as one of the pioneer labels for all sounds HEAVY in the broken beat world of EDM. With a careful eye they watch for tracks that are both maticulously mixed down with a spark of brutality. Keeping a fresh list of both well established veterans, and brand new blood, Abducted makes it a point to be a breeding ground for new thoughts, sounds, and structure for the community. H...
Impossible Records Impossible Records
10,913 · 24 · US
Latest release 1 month ago
Impossible Records, founded by KJ Sawka is a label set forth to give the people of the earth the best music with a twist of the 'Impossible'.
Gradient Audio Gradient Audio
4,014 · 11 · US
Dubstep, Drum & Bass
Latest release 1 month ago
Gradient Audio is a record label specializing in a wide range of Future Garage, Dubstep, Down tempo, Ambient, DnB & more, Founded by http://soundcloud.com/b1tcrunch3r in 2010. Artist roster: 3rdeye, Actraiser, Acre, Aiko, Airfree, Ak0pian, Ambur Rose, Archie Peligo, Artifact, B1t Crunch3r, Bell’s Worth, Biblo, Big Basha, Big Shine, Bleed, Blind Prophet, Bmills, Bolus, Boofy, Boot, Bricky Morter, Bunny On Acid, C-Side, Cairo, Cedaa, Ch...
Ded Sec Records Ded Sec Records
7 · 1 · LK
Dubstep, Hip-Hop
Latest release 1 year ago
Ded Sec is an Sri Lankan record label and creative collective. it was founded by Mechanic in 2019. Mechanic announced the label on May 07, 2019.The label's first release was Mechanic's Reggae Rum. Info : dedsecrecords@gmail.com Demo : dedsec.demos@gmail.com Send only Soundcloud private links
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