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Ensis Records Ensis Records
30,678 · 118 · RO
Electro House, Big Room
Latest release 1 week from now
Ensis Records is an EDM label who is searching for talented producers, bands, singers and dj's in order to form a real team based on friendship, trust and music.
Tobus Tobus
5 · RO
Minimal, Tech House
Latest release 1 week from now
Ginkgo Music Ginkgo Music
2,748 · 5 · RO
House, Dance
Latest release 1 week from now
Ginkgo Music was started in 2010 by the well established producer/remixer in the underground house music scene, Chemars, who originates from Romania. The releases from Ginkgo Music are addressed to a more house connoisseur public, that include different influences and amounts of jazzy, jackin', funky, disco, deep, tech, underground house music from world wide.
Smart Phenomena Records Smart Phenomena Record...
588 · 4 · RO
Progressive House
Latest release 31 minutes from now
Smart Phenomena Records is a sublabel of PROTON Music.
SUEVI Records SUEVI Records
349 · 9 · RO
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 1 week ago
SUEVI Records is a Techno based label from Romania, founded by DJ/Producer Robbie Jay. We are looking forward for fresh demos from you!
Waldliebe Familien Waldliebe Familien
5 · RO
Tech House
Latest release 2 days ago
The Familly of The Nature Lovers returns with a strong rooster based on the collaboration between fresh new producers already widely known names.
Natural Rhythm Natural Rhythm
6,068 · 23 · RO
Deep House, Tech House
Latest release 5 days ago
Horatio's think tank for musical adventurers , crazy freakz and underground maniacs....
Endowed Sound Endowed Sound
989 · 11 · RO
Tech House, Techno
Latest release 2 months ago
Founded in 2017, Endowed Sound is a new underground electronic music label on the rise. We believe that you want to be a part of Endowed Sound and we want to hear from you the best you've got.
Inset Records Inset Records
77 · 8 · RO
Tech House, House
Latest release 5 months ago
From housy melodic sounds to minimalistic and experimental ones, from expressive drums with energetic flow and unmistakable hypnotic pads to steely beats and rugged basslines with a soulful feel, Inset Records sums up a panorama of sounds designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes in electronic music. Inset Records is a Romania based independent record label based in Cluj-Napoca, primarily releasing Tech House / House music on the main labe...
Mirifique Music Mirifique Music
2,074 · 12 · RO
Techno, Minimal
Latest release 9 months ago
contact: demo.mirifique@gmail.com minimal, romanian techno
Underdog Underdog
48 · 5 · RO
Electronica, Chill Out
Latest release 1 week ago
Underdog is a Bucharest based label promoting alternative artists featuring eclectic genres centered around emotional and dreamy soundscapes.
Selectro Selectro
4,547 · 9 · RO
Tech House
Latest release 2 weeks ago
Selectro is basically a selection of electronic music based, from early beginnings, on audience needs , but keeping the spotlight on the most important Romanian contributors to this genre. Having a content that underwent many changes in time, Selectro soon earned its prestige and became a product to be 'exported' to clubs in Bucharest. In 2010 Selectro is invited to organize its own scene, with local and foreign guests, on the platform of Sunwave...
Carpathian Sounds Carpathian Sounds
1,384 · 3 · RO
Minimal, Techno
Latest release 8 months ago
We believe in creating an innovative environment that encourages creativity and community, an environment where artists can reach their maximum potential in a stress free atmosphere.
Electronic Waves Records Electronic Waves Recor...
2 · RO
Latest release 1 week ago
Who Needs Deep Who Needs Deep
44 · 5 · RO
Deep House
Latest release 2 years ago
Summer 2018 in Bucharest, Romania - the birth date of a new independent record label, runned by VICTHOR. An irresistible blend of world music with deeper grooves of electronic music with all its related genres. For your demo send only Soundcloud pvt links!
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