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Help / Frequently Asked Questions

Adding own record label (Invitation request)

Adding own record labels (in order to be able to manage label page) is possible through invitation requests. This process consists from applying the invitation request form and passing a verification procedure. We accept only record labels which are available on digital stores (Beatport, Junodownload, iTunes etc) or streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music etc.). Blogs, YouTuBe channels, playlists, repost channels are not accepted (these types of music distribution will be considered later). Please mention all major social profiles/web links of label in the description.

Verification of an existing label page

Label owners are able to pass a verification procedure to get an access of label managing yourself.


Verification procedure consists of reviewing an official email address of the label on which we will send an email with a confirmation link (please check spam folder as well). The email address should be findable by the links specified on a label page you want to verify or invitation request's description. Reviewing may take up to 3 days.
Verification request will be rejected in case of identification difficulties (lack of the email address on official web pages, wrong email address etc).

Contribute/Suggest Edits

Users are able to contribute to LabelsBase by submitting new labels.
All submissions are pre-moderated.
Label page can be removed without a notification by the first request from the label owner.
Each non-verified label page has a "Suggest Edits" option. All edits are pre-moderated.
You can track the edits status in your cabinet:

Update artist image

Automatic avatars updating from external sources has been stopped.

Label page removal

You can delete your verified label from your user cabinet at the Verified Labels tab. Complete deletion the label data from our servers will be 7 days after the removal request.

To remove a contributed label, please contact us from your official email. If possible, indicate the reasons for your decision.
If you are receiving to many irrelevant demo submissions, you can ask us to hide all the email contacts from the label page or pass a verification procedure to make it yourself.

Can not login/Forgot password

If you have forgotten your password, try to reset it by using this form:
You will receive an email with a reset password link to change your password.

If you are still having issues with login in, contact us.

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