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Label page verification

Label owners are able to pass a verification procedure to get access to manage a label page yourself (edit information, links, update latest release information, upload new logotype or cover, change artists list, etc.).
Use this page to add own label or verify an existing:
or follow a dropdown caret near your username in top menu () > Add Label

For successful label verification use only official email address of the label (like or any address using official domain of the label (desirable, but not necessary. Using services such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. is also acceptable)) or label owner. The email address has to be easily findable in the internet (if the label is not a new one and well established), so we can identify the label ownership.
Leave the email address findable at, e.g., Facebook, SoundCloud, RA, Discogs, etc. Make the identification simple.
Reviewing the verification request may take up to 3 days.
We may contact you, if some additional information is needed.
We can reject verification contact you, if some additional information is needed.

The new added label pages is hidden by default. You can change the label visibility in settings.

Contribute/Suggest Edits

Users can contribute to LabelsBase by submitting new labels.
Note, label pages can be removed without notification by the first request from a label owner.
Each not-verified label page has a "Suggest Edits" option. All edits are pre-moderated before they will be accepted.
You can track the edits status in your cabinet:

Update artist image

Artist image manually not changeable. LabelsBase refers to image links from Beatport or Spotify depending on label availability at these stores.
Change an artist image on Beatport:
Change an artist image on Spotify:
Update process of the artists images at our database may take up to three weeks.

Label page removal

Please contact us from your official email to request a label page removal from our database. If possible, indicate the reasons for your decision.
If you receiving to many irrelevant demo submissions, you can ask us to hide all the email contacts from the label page or pass a verification procedure to make it yourself.

Can't login/Forgot password

If you've forgotten your password, try to reset it by using this form:
You will receive an email with a reset password link to change your password.

If you still having issues with login in, contact us.

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