About LabelsBase

Today no websites about record labels (or they are abandoned\not useful). For example SoundCloud and Facebook not provides search only by record label pages, Discogs and ResidentAdvisor haven't list by genres or countries. And at various specialized forums, in the best case, users share a simple list of links and e-mails of labels.

As usual, people looking for labels at Beatport and then looking them in Google. It makes a lots of additional tabs in browser, and not always we find what we need.

So, LabelsBase goal is to collect record labels information around the world in single place and provide simple way to browse them by different criterias.

Record label page at LabelsBase presents top tracks, top artists, latest release date, Facebook and SoundCloud info, contacts, links so you can imagine the quality of label and get in touch with label management.

Another usefull function of LabelsBase is recommendation system of similar labels. You can discover new similar record labels in same sounding (not genre, but the sounding style).

Also, nice label always keeping ear on the music which they release and LabelsBase could help discover new names not just for a music producers but and for listeners too.

How it works?

We store information about labels from different places such as Beatport, Spotify, SoundCloud, Facebook and ofcourse from our dear users. Every minute in background we updating information of top tracks, top artists, latest release, Facebook and SoundCloud page to keep data in actual state. One of most important things is that this stored infromation provide new additional functions of LabelsBase - searching for similar labels, filter by countries or genres and sort by other criterias.

With support from Microsoft for sturtups our servers hosted at Azure clouds.
Microsoft Azure

FAQ & Recommendations

How to change my label information?
- There is "Edit" button at top right side of label page where you can suggest us better information.

Do I have to put my label discography/artists list/links at description field?
- No. Please dont put such information at description. It's not looking good, a scroll bar appears on the page, and the fields for which we have so much work goes down under the sheet of text.

Please could you send my demo to all labels? / Could you sell your database?
- NO. We hate spam, we love labels at our database and we on the way to build clear, white and useful project.