About LabelsBase

How often do you face the difficulty of finding a record label? Probably, constantly. In the interface of various music sites and stores, labels receive very little attention. Information about record labels is scattered across different resources without representing a single whole and there is still no comprehensive solutions.
LabelsBase (record labels database) created to solve this problem and implement new useful tools to make labels, listeners and artists closer.

Founded by Denis Brazhnikov in 2014.


How to change label information and logotype?
- Each label page has "Edit" button at top right side of label page where you can suggest us better information. Changes will take effect only after moderation, and you can not send new edits until the previous ones are considered. Please send information that can be checked on official sources.
- Direct logotype uploading not provided yet. Instead of this we taking logotype image from Facebook or SoundCloud pages which are specified at label profile.

How to change artist image?
- Artist image manually not changeable. LabelsBase refers to image links from Beatport or Spotify depending on label availability at those stores.
Change artist image on Beatport:
Change artist image on Spotify:
Updation process of artists images at our database may take up to three weeks.

How to get "Tracks" button on the label page?
- We using Deezer API and Deezer Player Widget for this, so your label must be available on Deezer under the same name as on LabelsBase. Other services except Deezer are not yet supported.

I want to delete my label from LabelsBase or change its name. What I have to do for this?
- Please contact denis@labelsbase.net from your official email with "Delete my label" / "Change label name" subject. If possible, indicate the reasons for your decision.

Hosted at Microsoft Azure